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Best Articles of 2017

First of all i would like to THANK YOU because my blog continue to be online and this year.

This happened because you are continue to visit my Blog and Read my Articles and i appreciate for this.

I will continue the work in my Blog and this year with new features  that you will see soon. 

Every year i publish the best articles  . The metric for the Articles are the traffic and Pageviews.

So Read the List and enjoy.

Happy New Year !!!



With Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013  you can do lot of customization in Windows Images that you have create for Deployment. Every time you have new requests or something to change .

One of the most desirable questions last month is how can customize Start Menu in Windows 10.

So i wrote this article to help you deploy Windows 10 with customization Start Menu.

So let's start !!!


  • Log in to Windows 10 Workstation 
  • Start Customize the Start Menu base on your requirements.
  • Find my example.


Companies with 2,3 Server in HYPER-V it's very easy to manage and you don't need any advance configuration for the infrastructure of HYPER-V. 

What about for middle and enterprise companies which have hundred of Virtual Servers in HYPER-V? 

If you are working in these companies then you know that the infrastrustrure of HYPER-V must be met specific criteria to avoid perfomance issues and more importance problems.

Today i would like to describe how can create Virtual Network Adapters in HYPER-V and pass specific traffic from there.


Migrate Altaro VM Backup Server to new Server

Backup is one of the most important task for IT Pro in small,medium, enterprise companies. Fortunately today you can find lot of backup software that can use for your backups. 

But sometimes Backup Server must be migrate to new Server. Most of the times this is not a simple task because you don't want to start take backups all your servers from the beginning.

Especially when you have lot of data.

How to manual merge HYPER-V Checkpoints

Hyper-v Checkpoints can be very helpful when it's time to do very important changes in a production environment. But in the same time can be very frustrating to deal with checkpoint issues in Virtual Machines. 

Checkpoints configuration files corrupt , orphaned checkpoints or other issues that can face or even worse when Virtual Machine won't startup due to checkpoint issues.

Luckily HYPER-V has the options to merge avhdx files manual in the parent disk to resolve  checkpoints problems as soon as possible.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Review

Exchange Server today is widely used by many companies across the globe. You never know in future
maybe more and more companies migrate to Office365, but Exchange Server will remain the widely
used at least coming half a decade.

As IT Pro one of the biggest challenge is to maintain Volatile Exchange Server. 
In the past, I had faced multiple issues with Exchange Server databases that unable to mount because
of no maintenance or setup was not as per the norms and guidelines with reference to
Microsoft recommendations.

Hyper-V it's a virtualization technology that use from lot of IT Pro. But unfortunately i have seen infrustructure of HYPER-V that was totally wrong. 
Of course the question of the customer was why i have performance issues?

Why my backups not working ?

All these happen because of mistakes in HYPER-V installation.

Read the ebook from Altaro that wrote from David Kavura - MVP and Cristal Kavura - MVP.

I read the ebook and it's very intresting.


Discover the major Hyper-V mistakes that cover:


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