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How File Server Auditing Can Help Prevent Insider Threats

Every year, insider threats consistently seem to represent one of the biggest risks to IT security for organizations all over the world. The problem is not going away any time soon. In fact, the annual Insider Threat Report revealed that a staggering 90% of those surveyed felt that they were vulnerable to insider attacks. On top of this, the biggest single risk factor contributing to the rise of insider threats was excessive access privileges.


How can use Virtual Machine Settings in HYPER-V

We are continue with HYPER-V Article Series and today i will explain all the Settings that can configure in Virtual Machine after created.

As wrote in previous article create the first Virtual Machine only with basic settings. But this is only the beginning. You can do a lot of changes in Virtual Machine from HYPER-V Manager.

Today i will explain where you can find and how can change all these Settings.

With Virtual Machines the use of physical hard disks and USB reduce. But still sometimes maybe need to use a Hard disk from a Virtual Machine to create a bottable disk with WinPe or different tasks that request from Virtual Machine to has direct accrss in a physical hard disk.

Last week i must create a bootable hard disk with WinPe. I didn't have a Physical PC to do it. SO i create a Virtual Machine but when i came accross with the specific request to be honest i stack.

We have install HYPER-V Role in Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8.1 and we are ready to create a new Virtual Machine.

Are you real ready ?

We must consider a few things before the creation of a Virtual Machine.

We need to think some settings to preconfigure once like Virtual Machines ,Virtual disks paths , netowrking and a few things more that i will start to explain right now.


How to use HYPER-V Manager - Part 2

After Installing Hyper-V it's time to start play , test and learn. Today i will discuss with details how can use HYPER-V Manager which is the management area of HYPER-V. You will see that from here start to build your enviroment in HYPER-V BUT also HYPER-V Management is the area that will start all the troubles if you  aren't careful and you aren't know what exactly want to do.

Remember now you are in Virtualization World and with wrong configuration can bring down all your enviroment.

How to install HYPER-V - Part 1

Moving away from physical hardware virtualization you can provide number of benefits. Of course you have different choices in hypervisors like Esxi FROM VMWARE, HYPER-V from Microsoft.

HYPER-V Installation it's very easy and you can enable in few minutes.

So let's start 


Verify Hardware support of Virtualization Technology

Before start to install HYPER-V must be verify that the Hardware support Virtualization Technology. When finish with the verification must configure your system BIOS in order for HYPER-V to operate.

Today Windows Server 2012 with HYPER-V it's a common solution to setup a small , medium or enterprise company . Small Companies use simple solutions with HYPER-V instead with bigger companies that need more advance techniques like Failover Clustering include Disaster Recovery Sites and other solution to reduce any downtime.

Performance and stability is one of the biggest challenge today for IT Pro because has to do with lot of factors.

One of them is the network ,how will be design and what features will be use in HYPER-V to increase performance but keep stability.

Best Articles of 2017

First of all i would like to THANK YOU because my blog continue to be online and this year.

This happened because you are continue to visit my Blog and Read my Articles and i appreciate for this.

I will continue the work in my Blog and this year with new features  that you will see soon. 

Every year i publish the best articles  . The metric for the Articles are the traffic and Pageviews.

So Read the List and enjoy.

Happy New Year !!!



With Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013  you can do lot of customization in Windows Images that you have create for Deployment. Every time you have new requests or something to change .

One of the most desirable questions last month is how can customize Start Menu in Windows 10.

So i wrote this article to help you deploy Windows 10 with customization Start Menu.

So let's start !!!


  • Log in to Windows 10 Workstation 
  • Start Customize the Start Menu base on your requirements.
  • Find my example.



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