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How to Enable and Use Parental Control on Windows

I would like to write an article for a feature of Windows that is unknown but can help a lot the parents. Today everybody has a pc, laptop or more in his house.  But how can control your children’s when use hours pc’s or laptops? How do you know what they are doing or how can protected them from the dangerous of the Internet? 

How to Add Your Gmail Account in Outlook

Everyone today has a Gmail Account for emails. Most of them we use Gmail from Internet Browser for fast viewer to read emails. What happened when you use Outlook to check your emails from other email account? Then it's easier and faster to add your Gmail Account in Outlook and read all your emails from different account in one place. 

Reset windows firewall to Default Settings

Today I decide to write an article for the Windows Firewall and how can reset to Default Settings. Especially for end user might be very helpful after long time use of windows and tons of installed softwares which add automatic rules in Windows Firewall. It’s very common after long time Windows Firewall to stop working as it should. This behavior can create lot of problems , probably in end users that they don’t have the knowledge to resolve difference issues with Firewalls

How to Reset Internet Browser to Default Settings

Every time you try to open the Internet Browser takes a lot of time? When you finally open it has so many toolbars and you don’t know how and when appears. You have think lot of times to uninstall it but you will lose all your personal data like Favorites, History and you don’t wanted. And If your browser it’s Internet Explorer can’t be uninstalled at all. 
Resetting your browser to it’s default state you can resolve most of the problems like performance issue, installed toolbars, change search engine and other unwanted things without loose your personal data.

Facebook How can Unfollow Boring Posts

Do you have satisfied because every day you bombardment of annoying articles, quiz and any type of posts from friends, groups, pages in your Facebook? You wish every day for better controlling in what you want to see in your News Feed
We have seen last year’s Facebook try to provide a user friendly personalize social media network to giving in users more control in News Feed to decide what they want to see or not.  

How can Reduce PDF File Size

If you work with pdf files you know that the size can become very large quickly probably if in the file included graphics and images. How many times you have scan a PDF File with lot of pages and the file was very big. Then The problems began probably if you are In the office, the email blocked from company policy due to expand file size, it's take too long to send the pdf file.Most of the times in your work you have a PDF Editor you can optimize the Pdf to reduce the file size.

Tips to Reduce PC Energy Consumption

Who says that we can’t save money even in a down economy?Your computer, laptop in your home or in your work can burn lot of Watts every month especially if you aren’t careful about it’s energy use. A desktop when in use can burn 60 - 250 Watts depends of the use. You can do a quick calculation in the web site  to found how much energy use and how much pay in your electrical bill for your PC. The calculation isn't accurate 100%.

How can calculate pc energy use.

Energy today is the most important thing in the life of human.Without energy is very difficult to do anything. We use cars, light, listen music, use pc, laptops in the work and in the home and so many other things. The most known type pf energy that use is the electricity. All we want to reduce the bill in our homes. with different ways. Do you have think how energy use your PC, laptop which is open 24 hours a day ? How can calculate the energy from your laptop or Desktop? 

How can Archive emails in Outlook 2013

Backing up your data is a good idea, you can avoid very bad situations. Except from your documents, pictures, video today emails is very important piece of data. You will show how can archive your emails and make it easy to use it anywhere.

Note: When you choose to Archive Emails all the emails from your mailbox will be moved to the Archive Folder.

You can configure Archive Settings with 2 ways. First is short and second more advance and enable AutoArchive.

Manual Archive Emails


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