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In the first Part explain some of the reasons that requested to move Virtual Machines in different HYPER-V Hosts.

We found out that Live Migration has different Move types and different Move Options that can use. 

The most important is that Live Migration can move the Virtual Machine from one Hyper-v Host to another without no impact on virtual machine availability to user.

This time i will explain the rest of Move types and options that can use it.

Different reasons like storage space , lack of resources as RAM , CPU  or migrate to a new Server requested to move virtual machines in different Hosts.

Fortunately HYPER-V has many options to move virtual machine from one HYPER-V to another HYPER-V Host. 

Today i will explain a how can  use Live Migration in non Clustered Environment to move a Virtual Machine from one Host to another.

In the past i wrote articles that describe different Options to move a Virtual Machine in new HYPER-V Host

Windows Server 2012 HYPER-V has a great feature that to be honest until few months ago i didn't know it. The feature is the Domain Controller Clone. As IT Pro you must know that to restore a Domain Controller it's not so simple. It's not only a Restore from a Backup. You must have prepare a plan with specific tests to Restore successful a failed Domain Controller.

With a simple words everything else as restore , copy , snapshot except rebuilding from scratch it has the potential to create more problems in the directory.

In my Review of Nakivo Nakivo Backup & Replication  v7 Review  i had emphasize the feature of  Nakivo that can  install and use it in Synology and WD NAS.

Today i would like to inform at May 4th Nakivo Release a new Version of VM Backup that you can install and use it in QNAP NAS.

After read the the news i decide to publish it in the blog.

Best Articles of April

As i told you every month i will publish an article with the Best artilcles of the Month.

So except from the Recent Blog Post and Best of Articles in the right sidebar add one more section with the Best Articles of Month.

The reason for this article are thatI would like to have an overview of the month from my blog and have a resource that can found mutiple articles in once place without need to search.

So find below what are the most favourites articles of the month.


Nakivo Backup & Replication v7 Review

In today world backup software it's not the most exciting thing for Directors or CIO in a company. Company must spend some money for the Backup Software and  Windows Licenses to be idle most hours of the day. 

But when someone delete critical email or a FileServer bring offline and must be restore as soon as possible then Backup Software must be there to start the Job.

Whether you are a small business or Large enterprise Backup Software it's one of the most important thing to your organization.

For this reason Backup Software must be easy and reliable.

How can enable Dhcp and Router Guard in HYPER-V

Windows Server 2012 HYPER-V has some advance features that don't use it but you can protect you from different incidents in your environment or security issues.

Small environment which use HYPER-V maybe don't need these advance features but large environments with lot of Virtual Servers  maybe it's very useful.

Dhcp and Router guard are advance features that i will discuss today.

So let's start


Port Mirroring is a method that used to monitoring network traffic. When port mirroring enable in a switch port then sends a copy of all packets hitting one specific port to another. where the packet can then picked up and analyzed.

For Network engineers this method is a tool to monitoring traffic from Servers. They can use it in Physical Switches with Physical Servers and Workstations. 

But how can monitoring and analyze network traffic from a Virtual Machine?


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