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When you create a new virtual machine in HYPER-V then needing to create and new virtual hard disk (vhd,vhdx).

There are times that you want to attach an existing vhd,vhdx in a new virtual machines or an already created for different reasons.

For example you want to transfer files in new Virtual machine or create a duplicate virtual machines in a test environment.

Today i would like to show you how can do this.

Remote Desktop Services can be very useful tool for IT Pro. Day by day more companies swap the Local Workstations in Thin Clients and users connected in Remote Desktop Servers in a farm or standalone base on the size of the company.

Sometimes can be difficult as IT Pro to support the users with Remote Desktop Connection. When a user call you must ask him for the password , find the username , most of the times the password will be wrong .

After 3,4 times finally connect in Remote Desktop session of the user to check his error.

Active Directory it's a tool that IT Pro has use it when work with Windows. But sometimes can be very difficult to manage Users and Computers when company has hundreds of Users.

You must have one IT to check at least one time every month to identify inactive  or disable users that must be deleted or remove access.

We know that this can't be happened and most of the times clean up of Active Directory canceled for other task.

Keeping Active Directory clean can help you to increase the security of your environment , reduce bandwidth of replication if you have multiple Sites in different countries , manage more efficient your Active Directory Users and Computers. 

These are some of the basic advantages that can have. 

Unfortunately if the company that you are work has lot of users and computers it's not so easy task. I 'm sure that some of you have to do with hundreds of users and computers in Active Directory and multiple Organization Units.  

After 2 weeks lot of work i finish a migration of our environment from one Site to another. I face lot of difficulties  but we didn't have any downtime and i am happy for this.

Day after day with lot of troubleshooting and monitoring i learn new things in different areas simple or not that will be useful in the feature.

One of them is how can install Roles and Features in Virtual Machine that it's offline and i would like to share it with you because i believe can help lot of IT Pro.

So let's start to explain step by step how can do it.


MDT Monitoring is very usefull feature for IT Pro that deploy or Capture Windows Image very often.

Two weeks ago suddenly i receive in our community system a very simple question from a user but to be honest i didn't have any answer for him.

I found it very intresting so i start and search for the solution.


The question was:

Is it possible to have the logs use a unique name so it doesn't keep adding to the same BDD file?

Before start to explain what was the solution it's recommended read previous articles like 

HYPER-V Automatic Virtual Machine Activation

Windows Server 2012 R2 introduce a feature called Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA). Until Windows Server 2008 R2 the only feature to activate Virtual Servers in HYPER-V Host was to login in Server and follow the steps to Activate with the License Key.

With Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA) this can change and activate Virtual Servers that are in HYPER-V Host without need the Licenses Keys that you have for different version of Windows. 

Now let's explain how can use this feature


In my previous articles i wrote about Live Migration without HYPER-V Failover Clustering.

But Last month while  setup a HYPER-V Failover Clustering. encounter an error.  

Today i talk about the specific error and how can resolve it without need to search hours in Goodle to find the solution.

The error was the Event ID 1196 and appears after create the clusters in HYPER-V Hosts.

So let's start


In the first Part explain some of the reasons that requested to move Virtual Machines in different HYPER-V Hosts.

We found out that Live Migration has different Move types and different Move Options that can use. 

The most important is that Live Migration can move the Virtual Machine from one Hyper-v Host to another without no impact on virtual machine availability to user.

This time i will explain the rest of Move types and options that can use it.


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