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Discovering Vembu BDR Free Edition v.3.8

Vembu BDR it's one of the new gamers in Backup world.  As i can see IT Pro it's not very known this product .

But after request to write a Review and start to use it in my Lab I'm impressed with the functionality and the features that has.

Today i would like to show the new features that has the new release Vembu BDR Free edition v3.8

To be honest i didn't see any other Vendor in the Backup World to give so many features in free edition until now. 

Let's take a look what can gain from the new release.

Features for Free Edition

Backup until 3 VM's

In the free edition you can take backups until 3 Virtual Machines.

Agentless VMware backups for multiple VMs

Vembu Backup Free edition can support Agentless VMware backups . Is design to use vmware vsphere storage api  to configure backups for multiple Virtual Machines without need any agent installation.  

Disk Image Backups from BDR Server

Disk Image Backups can now be configured and managed via Vembu BDR Server. Relying on proxy agents is no longer required, unless it’s a distributed deployment which require individual proxy agent installation

Full VM Backup

You have the feature to take Full Backup of Virtual Machine including OS , applications and the data 

Storage Pooling

Storage spooling used to aggregate the available space from different volumes and show as one volume. The hybrid volume manager of Vembu BDR Server supports scalable and extendable backup storage for different storage media such as Local drives, NAS(NFS and CIFS) and SAN(iSCSI and FC.

LAN free data transfer using SAN and Hot- Add modes

In this Vembu BDR Free edition VM backup supports Direct SAN, HotAdd and network transport mode to backup the VM data

Auto Authorization

With auto authorization allow proxy agents to get registered in backup server using unique registration key generated by respective BDR server. This means that if the company has a lot of Sites or because of the size use more than one Backup Server you can configure only authorized clients to connect in the specific Backup server to avoid human errors causing the sensitive data to be vulnerable.

Automatic Backup Scheduling

In this version you can schedule Backup Jobs anytime that you have base on your requirements.

Encryption Settings

Users can now provide additional security to their disk based backup jobs by assigning custom-password to backup server, such that all their backup data will be encrypted and can be restored/accessed only by providing the custom-password.

FLR from GUI (Backup & Replication)

File level recovery it's available in this version which user can select to restore specific files from Vmware/HYPER-V Disk Image Backups and VMware Replication.


Restrictions for Free edition

Application aware processing

Ensure the consistency of the Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and Active Directory. It also reduces the storage space by automatically truncating the transaction logs after performing a successful backup.

Changed Block Tracking

Only the incremental blocks which are changed since the previous backup will been tracked and  backed up in the successive backup schedule thereby reducing disk space and time. 

Retention Policies

Retain any number of recovery points of your backups. This can help to keep weekly,monthly and yearly backups of your Servers to be with 

Near CDP

Incremental backup can be scheduled every 15 mins to ensure the RPO < than 15 mins. 

Quick VM recovery to ESXi

If your system crash you can reduce downtime with the Quick VM recovery to ESXi. Vembu BDR can restore the Virtual Machine direct from Backup Storage without need to use physical storage.

Automated Backup verification

Verify that the backup which taken are healthy and can be recover any time. This can help you to avoid issues when you are in progress of Server/Files Restore.


Until previous version i said that it's suitable for your Lab environment. This Free edition has new features that can be a complete backup solution for your Lab and production environment.  You will able to scale out your storage, secure your individual backup jobs with in-built deduplication, encryption and compression that makes its own file system called, the VembuHIVE


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