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With Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013  you can do lot of customization in Windows Images that you have create for Deployment. Every time you have new requests or something to change .

One of the most desirable questions last month is how can customize Start Menu in Windows 10.

So i wrote this article to help you deploy Windows 10 with customization Start Menu.

So let's start !!!


  • Log in to Windows 10 Workstation 
  • Start Customize the Start Menu base on your requirements.
  • Find my example.


MDT Monitoring is very usefull feature for IT Pro that deploy or Capture Windows Image very often.

Two weeks ago suddenly i receive in our community system a very simple question from a user but to be honest i didn't have any answer for him.

I found it very intresting so i start and search for the solution.


The question was:

Is it possible to have the logs use a unique name so it doesn't keep adding to the same BDD file?

Before start to explain what was the solution it's recommended read previous articles like 

MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) it's a great tool for Deployment , Capture OS , create offline bootable media with OS. I use it a lot when must be setup a new Workstation or to Deploy an Office with Custom Installation and mulitple other tasks that i have describe in previous articles.

Few months ago i came across with an issue that related with Windows Updates in Offline Media that created in MDT 2013.

Inject Drivers for better management in MDT 2013

In previous articles i wrote for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and how can add drivers or Capture an Image. These methods can help to reduce time and automate your tasks for better productivity. But few months ago i came an across with a problem that to be honest i didn't have realize it.

As IT Pro most of the times you have different hardware models of Workstations,Laptop , Servers from the same Vendor or different. 

Last week i decide to Capture a fresh installation of Windows Server 2012 R2 with Last Windows Updates and Antivirus. Because It takes me lot of time every time that must be install new Server. 

The configuration to capture Windows Server 2012 in MDT 2013 it's ready. I have explain step by step in How to Capture Windows Image using MDT 2013 how can do it. So i start the proccess to capturing the Windows Server 2012 R2.


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