• Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery Review

    Exchange Server today is widely used by many companies across the globe. You never know in future
    maybe more and more companies migrate to Office365, but Exchange Server will remain the widely
    used at least coming half a decade.
  • Nakivo Backup & Replication v7 Review

    In today world backup software it's not the most exciting thing for Directors or CIO in a company. Company must spend some money for the Backup Software and  Windows Licenses to be idle most hours of the day. 
  • How to Restore VM or Files with Vembu BDR

    Before 2 weeks i publish a Review related to Vembu BDR and how can install,configure the Server to take Backups of your Virtual Machines from VMWare or HYPER-V. After lot of tests, I realize that Vembu BDR is a good tool for your Backups in your DataCenter.v
  • Vembu BDR Review -Installing and Configure Backups

    Today downtime of a Production Server maybe catastrophic in company for lot of reasons.

    IT Pro must has deploy good Backup software with the right design base on the requirements of the company to reduce or eliminate downtimes in any scenario. Must be ready to face any Failover Scenario or Disaster Recovery Site Scenario at minimum time.