• Add Roles & Features to an offline vhdx with HYPER-V

    After 2 weeks lot of work i finish a migration of our environment from one Site to another. I face lot of difficulties  but we didn't have any downtime and i am happy for this.
    Day after day with lot of troubleshooting and monitoring i learn new things in different areas simple or not that will be useful in the feature.
  • HYPER-V Automatic Virtual Machine Activation

    Windows Server 2012 R2 introduce a feature called Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA). Until Windows Server 2008 R2 the only feature to activate Virtual Servers in HYPER-V Host was to login in Server and follow the steps to Activate with the License Key.
  • Event id 1196 with Windows 2012 HYPER-V Failover Cluster

    In my previous articles i wrote about Live Migration without HYPER-V Failover Clustering.
    But Last month while  setup a HYPER-V Failover Clustering. encounter an error.  
    Today i talk about the specific error and how can resolve it without need to search hours in Goodle to find the solution.
  • Use HYPER-V Live Migration without Failover Clustering - Part 1

    Different reasons like storage space , lack of resources as RAM , CPU  or migrate to a new Server requested to move virtual machines in different Hosts.
    Fortunately HYPER-V has many options to move virtual machine from one HYPER-V to another HYPER-V Host.