• Enable HYPER-V on Windows 10

    Enable HYPER-V on Windows 10 and explore changes and new features that included like to assign RAM or add/remove network adapter while Virtual Machine is running .
  • How to Export and Import Virtual Machine in HYPER-V

    Exporting a Virtual Machine is a great way to keep it as backup, move your Virtual Machine in another HYPER-V Server or Client HYPER-V OR archive a Virtual Machine that you want to deleted from your HYPER-V. It's a simple process and you don't need any third part tool.
  • Enable HYPER-V Client on Windows 8.1

    Virtual PC's are very helpfull for advance users or for IT to do different tests or configurations. As IT my Laptop it's very important and i can't imagine if need to format from the beginning because of a problem in the middle of a day.