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Today Windows Server 2012 with HYPER-V it's a common solution to setup a small , medium or enterprise company . Small Companies use simple solutions with HYPER-V instead with bigger companies that need more advance techniques like Failover Clustering include Disaster Recovery Sites and other solution to reduce any downtime.

Performance and stability is one of the biggest challenge today for IT Pro because has to do with lot of factors.

One of them is the network ,how will be design and what features will be use in HYPER-V to increase performance but keep stability.

Migrate Altaro VM Backup Server to new Server

Backup is one of the most important task for IT Pro in small,medium, enterprise companies. Fortunately today you can find lot of backup software that can use for your backups. 

But sometimes Backup Server must be migrate to new Server. Most of the times this is not a simple task because you don't want to start take backups all your servers from the beginning.

Especially when you have lot of data.

How to manual merge HYPER-V Checkpoints

Hyper-v Checkpoints can be very helpful when it's time to do very important changes in a production environment. But in the same time can be very frustrating to deal with checkpoint issues in Virtual Machines. 

Checkpoints configuration files corrupt , orphaned checkpoints or other issues that can face or even worse when Virtual Machine won't startup due to checkpoint issues.

Luckily HYPER-V has the options to merge avhdx files manual in the parent disk to resolve  checkpoints problems as soon as possible.

When you create a new virtual machine in HYPER-V then needing to create and new virtual hard disk (vhd,vhdx).

There are times that you want to attach an existing vhd,vhdx in a new virtual machines or an already created for different reasons.

For example you want to transfer files in new Virtual machine or create a duplicate virtual machines in a test environment.

Today i would like to show you how can do this.

After 2 weeks lot of work i finish a migration of our environment from one Site to another. I face lot of difficulties  but we didn't have any downtime and i am happy for this.

Day after day with lot of troubleshooting and monitoring i learn new things in different areas simple or not that will be useful in the feature.

One of them is how can install Roles and Features in Virtual Machine that it's offline and i would like to share it with you because i believe can help lot of IT Pro.

So let's start to explain step by step how can do it.


Windows Server 2012 HYPER-V has a great feature that to be honest until few months ago i didn't know it. The feature is the Domain Controller Clone. As IT Pro you must know that to restore a Domain Controller it's not so simple. It's not only a Restore from a Backup. You must have prepare a plan with specific tests to Restore successful a failed Domain Controller.

With a simple words everything else as restore , copy , snapshot except rebuilding from scratch it has the potential to create more problems in the directory.

Port Mirroring is a method that used to monitoring network traffic. When port mirroring enable in a switch port then sends a copy of all packets hitting one specific port to another. where the packet can then picked up and analyzed.

For Network engineers this method is a tool to monitoring traffic from Servers. They can use it in Physical Switches with Physical Servers and Workstations. 

But how can monitoring and analyze network traffic from a Virtual Machine?

HYPER-V Host has a feature to Import a new Virtual Machine or Live Migration between 2 different HYPER-V Hosts.

As IT Pro i would like to know if the Virtual Machine that you want to transfer is compatible in the new HYPER-V Host. Especially if the Virtual Machine is a critical System in your Production environment or a huge File Server.

I don't want to start an Import or a Live Migration and in the middle of Migration get errors that must resolve it.

But how i know if the transfer will be done successful? 

HYPER-V Management Tools to use it

HYPER-V has lot of free tools to manage, monitoring  or convert virtual machines. But how many hours do you spend to search for tools , test it and use it ? 

So today i would like to share in all IT Pro some of free tools that can use with HYPER-V for manage,monitoring or convert Virtual Macines. It very quick and simle to type and search in Google for hyperv tools and publish it here but i don't want it.

These tools i have use it in my day to day tasks of work or in my Lab Enviroment for tests.

Let's start.



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