3 Tips to Protect Your Passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser out there be it for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Everyone loves using Chrome simply because of its clean, easy-to-use, fast, and decluttered interface unlike most of the other browsers out there. However, if we look into depth the workings of Chrome there are some obvious concerns, especially regarding their password security protection mechanism.

I am pretty sure, most of the users log in to their social media accounts, bank accounts, and any other account with the option of remembering your username and password assuming that the login credentials would be safe. However, this is not the case, in a hypothetical scenario if someone gets hold of your windows user account, that particular person can easily view all your passwords which you have saved in the Chrome Browser. 

To confirm this security risk you can go to the Manage Passwords settings and clearly find out that the login credentials of any or all sites are just lying there without any sort of protection. 

However bad the issue may seem, we are here to highlight certain steps you can take in order to protect your passwords in the Chrome browser. 

Getting Rid of the saved Passwords 

The fastest way to make sure that there’s no breach of any login credentials in your account is by deleting any and all passwords saved within chrome. You can simply do this by pressing the Shift + Ctrl + Delete button together. Then you will find an option to delete passwords specifically.

However, the major loophole of this solution is that it is primarily a short-term and an immediate solution. It would become a bit tedious to every time delete the login credentials and hence the best solution in the book would be to use password managers for chrome. 

Turning off the save password option

Another short-term, nuclear option would be to turn off the Save Passwords option in our beloved Google Chrome. This can be simply achieved by going to the advanced settings and there untick the option which reads Offer to save passwords.

This option is clearly a nuclear option to make sure that no login credentials are stolen, however, it can bring inconveniences with it since the user would have to put the user name and password over and over again, so with that, we come to our final and the most reliable solution that is using password managers for chrome that you can trust.

Using Password Managers to keep the login credentials safe

Password managers are browser addons that remember passwords and username for you. Using Password Managers for chrome that you can trust not only ensures that your time is saved from entering the password again and again, but also provides a plethora of other features. All your passwords would be safe within the vault of the password managers with a single master key or password. 

It provides recommendations to have a strong password for all the accounts you have stored the passwords for, with this, you’ll not only be protecting your passwords in case someone gets ahold of your user account but also protecting your social media and bank account credentials from any sort of external threats like hacking, malware or phishing.

If there is a question about how safe these third-party password managers are, the users need to be aware of the fact that these use the AES 256 Bit Encryption which means that potentially, even the employees of the password vault company would not be able to look at your usernames and passwords within it and it would cost more than two lifetimes to break through such a cypher hence making it extremely difficult to hack or crack.

There are other important features provided by the password managers as well, such as, periodically reminding you to change passwords in order to keep your account safe from being compromised. 

A couple of password managers also scan the dark and deep web to make sure that your password isn’t on sale. This makes sure that your details haven’t been compromised or stolen in any way. These are some of the best password managers for chrome that you can trust.

Keeper: Keeper is one of the best and the most trusted password manager out there primarily because of its ease of use and it also has a zero knowledge-based mechanism and the conventional AES 256 Bit Encryption to make sure that your passwords remain safe. They also have a safe self-destructing KeeperChat and also carries out a regular security audit to make sure everything is safe in place. 

NordPass: Nord is one of the most reliable companies in the market which provides a plethora of solutions including VPNs. NordPass by NORD is a very conventional and yet safe password management system. It has adopted the new-gen XChaCha20 encryption which some claim to be safer than the AES 256 Bit Encryption. 

Nord uses the safety of cloud protection to make that any information isn’t compromised in case your laptop or PC gets stolen. It provides its users with a two-factor authentication process and a plethora of other features to make sure that your online security remains uncompromised. 

RoboForm: Last but not the least, RoboForm is one of the oldest and efficient password managers out there. It provides its services primarily to businesses and relies on the dual AES 256 Bit Encryption and 2FA to make sure that its security infrastructure remains extremely strong in nature. 

RoboForm provides its users with periodic updates on the security to keep you in the loop with the situation with regards to your login credentials. The application relies both on cloud and self-hosting to make sure that your passwords remain safe.

These are the three primary tips to make sure that your passwords in chrome remain safe and uncompromised. However, the most reliable solution out there is using password managers for chrome that you can trust since this would make sure that the login credentials are safe without compromising your convenience.  

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