How to Delete a Wireless Network in Windows 8.1

Do you have Wireless networks that you don’t use it anymore? You need only 2 or 3 and have 15 networks. Ho many times you have search to delete the Wifi Networks in Windows 8.1 but you can’t. The way to delete theWireless network in Windows 8.1 it’s not the best and need more time and more clicks to do it.

Let me show you. In previous versions of Windows like Windows 7 to delete a Wireless network was very easy.In Windows 8.1 the only way to Delete or Forget the Wireless Network is to be connected in the specific Wireless Network.

Otherwise you must follow another way if you want to delete Wireless networks that will never use anymore.

  • Go in the right side and snap ip Windows Charm Bar.

  • Click in Settings (gear icon).

  • Click Change PC Settings. Located in the bottom of the Bar

  • Click Network

  • From the right side click Manage known Networks.

  • Click one by one on the networks that you want to delete and click the button Forget

When you finish all these steps you have delete the Wireless Networks. I believe in Windows 10 to change this settings as previous Windows because was very simple without need so many clicks and time to delete a Wireless Network. Users need simple things and not to be complicated.

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