How to Disable UAC in Windows 8 & 8.1

User Account Control provide an extra layer of security by prompting a user permission when a service try to make changes on a system or install new software or modify existsing application. UAC also is a headache of user experience because every time that need to do any change or install a software ask for a permisios with a Windows popup to continue or not. Most of the users that i know try to disable the UAC without any success because they don't know How

Disable UAC it's not recommended action because will lead to a less secure system. But you have the option to do it. Below i will explain the steps.


  • Go in Start button of Windows 8 or 8.1 with right click select Control Panel.

  • Click in User Accounts. If you have View by : Category don't click in Change acount type.

  • Click again in User Accounts from the right side and not in any other options.

  • From the right side click in Change User Account Control Settings.

  • Drag the slide to the bottom which say Never Notify when ....... in the right side

  • Click OK and you will get a popup from User Account Control because for UAC someone try to do changes in the System and need administrator access to continue. So it ask if permit or not the changes. Of Course click Yes.

That's it! For now will never notify when you install a new software or change settings in applications.

You can do it in 5 minutes maximum withoud need to ask friends or search in Internet for hours.

So i will be here with new article in 5 days again.

Tell me your opinion and do your comments. I will appreciate it.


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