Advance features of HYPER-V Virtual Network Adapter - Part 6

Until now i have cover basic features of HYPER-V in Article Series. From now on i will continue  deeper in advance features that can use in HYPER-V.

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How to manage HYPER-V Host Remotely


My recommendation is for every advance feature that will write in the articles to test first in your Lab environment , understand the behaviour and errors that maybe appear and after verify that works without problems to apply in your Production environment.

Remember that the HYPER-V Host that have it's not a Virtual Machine. It's all your environment and must work smoothly. Any error can affect your Virtual Machines and you don't want it.

In this article of Series i have gathered all the articles that wrote related with Advance features of Network Adapter in HYPER-V and included in HYPER-V Article of Series

  • Open Hyper-v Manager
  • Select Virtual Machine that you want configure the Advance Features of Network Adapter.
  • From the right side select Settings



We must to cover features 1,4 & 6 in next articles to fully understand all the Advance features of Network Adapter.

I hope to find valuable the article and visit us next week with new article related to Advance features of Network Adapter in HYPER-V

Enjoy the weekend