Apply Windows Updates in Offline Media with MDT 2013

MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) it's a great tool for Deployment , Capture OS , create offline bootable media with OS. I use it a lot when must be setup a new Workstation or to Deploy an Office with Custom Installation and mulitple other tasks that i have describe in previous articles.

Few months ago i came across with an issue that related with Windows Updates in Offline Media that created in MDT 2013.

Six months ago i publish an article Create a bootable USB with MDT 2013 .

This Offline Media and more i use it until today if i must Deploy Windows from Bootable USB.

After deploy Windows from Bootable Usb which created with MDT 2013 how many Windows Updates must install today ? The answer is many and take lot of time woth lot of Restarts and again Restart and Install of Windows Updates .......

So what is the point to have a Bootable USB with Windows which need hours to finish the Windows Updates?

For this reason i am here today to describe how can Update the Already created Offline Media in MDT 2013 with Last Windows Updates.

So Let's Start !!!!!


Before start to read this article must read the

 Create a bootable USB with MDT 2013

and have create the Offline Media for the Deployment with Bootable USB.

Every time which create a new Media or Import Windows OS in MDT 2013 it's good idea to write somewhere which are the last Windows Updates in the specific OS.

For example in my MDT i prefer to write in brackets. Lets take a look in prontscreen. With this way you know which updates must import after months or year.

Import Packages

  • Download the latest Security Rollup and the latest Security Rollup for .NET. and proceed to import in your Offline MEDIA.
  • Open MDT 2013
  • Expand Deployment Shares. Click on Packages.
  • Because i have multiple OS I prefer to Use Folders inside Packages but this is your decisions how can structure it.

  • Right click in Packages and select Imort Package.

  • Browse and find the Windows Updates that you have download from Downoad Center. Click Next.

  • Just Click Next

  • Wait to Finish.

  • Click Finish.

  • Repeat the Steps for every Windows Update that you have download.
  • Or if you don't use folders inside Packages copy all the Windows Updates in one folder and select the specific folder in Import Package.


Configure Selection Profile

  • Now you must configure the Selection Profile that you have create for the Media.
  • Expand the Advance Configuration.
  • Click in Selection Profiles.
  • From the right side select the Profile which correspond in the MEDIA that you want to update.

  • Check the Packages or Expand to select the appropriate folders that you have created. Click OK.

  • Click on MEDIA. From the right side select the MEDIA which use the Profile from the above configuration.
  • Right Click and select Update Media Content.

  • Wait to finish the Update and click Finish.


After complete these steps the new Windows Updates has imported in new Media

Let's take a look how can verify that we have import the specific updates.

  • Create a new VM and boot from the specific ISO.
    Find instructions in Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8.1 with HYPER-V
  • Follow the steps to start the installation of the MEDIA .
  • When the installation finish log in the VM and go in Control Panel - - -: > Programms - - ->Programm and Features.
  • From the left side select View installed Updates.
  • You can see that the Windows Updates that import in previous steps has installed.


You can use this metod to update all the Offline MEDIA that use with MDT 2013 with the latest Windows Updates without need to take hours to install all the Windows Updates from the time which create the Offline MEDIA.

I hope to find helpfull my article.

Now it's your turn to do your comments and share your experience , problems in our commented system. 

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