BDR Suite v5.6 Update 1 General Avaialability

A new email arrived in my inbox from my partners Vembu that a new release BDRSuite v5.6.0 Update 1 is here. So let's see the new features of the BDRSuite v5.6.0 Update 1 and a few more details as well.

New Features

Some new interesting new features has release BDRSuite v5.6.0 Update 1. Let's see them !


Backup Proxy for VMware in Linux BDRSuite Backup Server

With this release, we have introduced support for backup proxy for VMware in Linux BDRSuite backup server. This will allow you to perform fast and efficient backups of your VMware virtual machines using BDRSuite.


Perform Bare Metal Recovery directly using VHD in BDRSuite Virtual Drive

We have simplified the Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR) process. Now you can use the VHD mounted in the BDRSuite Virtual Drive as a backup data source. Previously, VHD had to be downloaded and used to perform BMR.


Detailed Report for Files/Folders Skipped from Backup

BDRSuite now provides detailed information on files/folders that were skipped during the backup process. This report will help you identify files/folders that were not backed up and taking appropriate action to ensure that critical data is not lost.


Add Servers & Endpoints as Data Sources without credentials

BDRSuite now allows you to add servers and endpoints as data sources without their credentials. This feature eliminates the need for storing sensitive information, simplifying the data source setup process.


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