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 How to Convert Vmware Virtual Machine to HYPER-V

Virtualization is a great way to extend the utilization of hardware one's organization.
Most of the companies today has virtualize. Read More



How to Capture Windows Image using MDT 2013

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 it's a powerfull tool with lot of abilities.
Today i will explain 
how can Capture an already installation of Windows with multiple programms installedRead More


Exchange Server X500 Address An Amazing Thing to Know

In Exchange Server we are familiar with SMTP Address like
Most of them are happy with just one or two of
 SMTP Addresses. But what happened if you have.. Read More


How can monitoring DFS Replication in Windows Server 2012

DFS Replication it's a great future to use it in your File Servers and Replicate them in LAN or WAN.
Why not  include this technology in your Disaster Recovery Plan.. 
Read More


Export List of Emails Addresses from Exchange Server

Before months i had a request to export size of mailboxes from our Exchange Server.
As we know this can't happened from Exchange Management Console except if you start to type in Excel one by one the Users.. 
Read More


Moving Virtual machine from one HYPER-V host to another

Sometimes maybe need to move one of our Virtual Machine from one HYPER-V host to another hardware and HYPER-V Host.
I wll not explain why must be done because everyone has the own reasons to do it... Read More


Building a Custom Windows ISO with MDT 2013

Today i will try to cover a part of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 and how can create a custom iso of Windows... Read More


List Folders and Subfolders with PowerShell

How can export all the subfolders names of a folder. It sounds very simple but it's not. So with Powershell you can do it in a minute...  Read More


Create a bootable USB with MDT 2013

Previous months i have publish 2 articles related to Microsoft Deployment ToolsKit and how can create a Custom Image to Deploy in any PC... Read More


Enable Deployment Logs for Troubleshooting in MDT 2013

In previous article i describe how can enable Monitoring in Microsft Deployment Toolkit 2013. But in Monitoring feature you can .... Read More


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