Check for Internet Speed

I wonder lot of time in the past how can check my Internet Speed and verify that is the speed that i have buy from Internet Provider. Lot of times when download or try to watch movie online Internet was very slow and sometimes i was disapoint from the ISP and the package that i have buy. One day that i have go for coffee with my friends i understand that most of them they have face the same problem lot of times. So i start to search to found a way to check my Internet Speed anytime. After lot of search and check lot of pages that check speed of internet i found a website with a very good tool instead of other website that can check Download and Upload speed of your Internet. 

The website is the Just click the button  BEGIN TEST and will start to measure your speed. Be carefull not click in button START NOW because it's from an advertisement.
When finish you can see the Download SpeedUpload Speed, your Public Ip Address and how long take to Ping the ISP(Internet Service Provider) from your Location .I have use it lot of times to get a clear image for my Internet Speed. 

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