Convert Linux Server to HYPER-V from ESX Server

This week i choose to talk about Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC). You can use MVMC to convert Virtual Machines from ESX Server to HYPER-V Host. You can do the conversion from Physical Machine to Virtual Machine in HYPER-V Host with more limitations. In the past i wrote an article How to Convert Vmware Virtual Machine to HYPER-V but explain how can do it from Backup of Virtual Machine and with Powershell.

Today i will explain how can convert a Linux Server Centos 7 FROM ESX Server to HYPER-V Host. You can do it easily from UI without difficulties.

Let's Start!!

Export Virtual Machine from ESX Server

  • Open Microsoft Viirtual Machine Converter.Click Next.
  • This is the first step of Wizard as Before You Begin. Just click Next

  • Select Virtual Machine Conversion. As you can see you have the option to convert Physical Machine to Virtual. 

  • Select Migrate to Hyper-V. Click Next

  • Type the Ip Address or Fully Qualified Domain Name of HYPER-V Host. Type the username and password that has administrator access in HYPER-V Host.

  • Select the path to store the converted Virtrual Hard disk and decide the type and format of hard disk. For the scenarion i will use Fixed Size and VHDX type.Click Next.

  • Type the address and credentials of the vCenter or ESX Server. Click Next.

  •  Select the Virtual Machine that you want to convert. Click Next

  • If the Server is Linux must be shutdown First to start the Conversion. The only option that you can choose is the state of destination virtual machine.Select Off and Click Next.

  • Click Browse and select a path for the converted virtual machine. Be sure that has enough space to do the tasks.

  • You can see a Summary and final verification if convertion can be proceed. I can see some Warnings. I will check again the free space of the drive that add for Workspace and come back.  Click Finish to start the Conversion.

  • Wait to finish the conversion and check for any errors.


Import Virtual Machine in HYPER-V Host

This is the easy step. You can follow the instruction from article Export & Import Virtual Machine in HYPER-V to import the Converted Virtual Machine in Hyper-v Host.

With the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter you can conert the ESX Server to HYPER-V Host quickly without difficulties. As i can see the only challenge that will face in this scenario is the Free space that you need for the Convertions of Virtual Hard Disks

What is your experience with this tool? Do you use in the past.? Use our Comments to tell your experience or your problems that you face during the convertions..