Create a bootable USB with MDT 2013

Previous months i have publish 2 articles related to Microsoft Deployment ToolsKit and how can create a Custom Image to Deploy in any PC. But suddenly realize that some users or IT need only to create a bootable USB with Windows Image and deploy it. In this article i will explain step by step how can achieve this with simple steps. You will do it only once and you will have it for any PC in your company. Why need this? Remember reduce time and compexity for your Tasks.

So let's Start

Note: This article is base on the previous articles and already has Import an Operating Systme in MDT 2013. If you don't to create an Offline Media you must start from *Building a Custom Windows ISO with MDT 2013 *  and after proceed with this steps.


  1. A Folder that will be create all the Offline Media(.iso)
  2. A Selection Profile in MDT 2013.

Don't forget that you must also add drivers for the Workstation Model in the Windows Image that you will create right now. 

Before start to create the Selection Profile read the How to add drivers in Windows ISO with MDT 2013 to save time without need to update the Media after finish.

Create Selection Profile in MDT 2013

  • Open MDT Console
  • Expand Deployment Shares - - >MDT Build Lab - - > Advance Configuraton.

  • Right Click in Selection Profiles and click New Selection Profile.
  • Type the Selection Profile Name (related with the OS that will be create for the Bootable USB) and click Next.
    As you can see i have update my ISO of Windows 8.1 with new Updates and i have add in the Comments to remember it.

  • Expand the Operating Systems and check the Operating System that you must add in Offline Media.
  • Expand Task Sequences and check the Task Sequence of the OS and click Next.

  • Click Next and Finish


Create Media in MDT 2013

  • Expand Deployment Shares - - >MDT Build Lab - - > Advance Configuraton.

  • Right Clik in Meida and Selct New Media.
  • Click Browse to find the Path that will be save the ISO File. (For every Windows OS you must create a new Folder and select the specific Folder in the Media Path).
    For example if you have crete a root folder MdtOfflineMedia and store all the ISO there then you must create a subfolder like Win8.1x64(Full Updates) or whatever want and give this path in the Media Path.
  • In the Selection Profile select the Profile that you have create for the Specific Windows Operating System. Click Next.

  • Validate your settings in the Summary and click Next.

  • Wait to finish and click Finish.

  • Now yo can see your new MEDIA in the right Pane as MEDIA01 or MEDIA(number) if you have create and other MEDIA.
  • Right Click in MEDIAxx that you have create and select Update Media Content.

  • Now will start to create the files and ISO that will add in your USB.
  • Wait to Finish. Usually takes 15-20 min. 

After finish if you go in the Path that you have configure in the Previous Steps for the Media Path you will find an ISO file as LiteTouchMedia.iso.

Use a software like Rufus to create the bootable USB and star to Setup Your PC.

Very Usefull for someone that you don't want to use Deployment from Network and want an Offline Deploy wit USB. If you can see in the example i use and ISO with name Win8.1x64 (Full Update). This because i have update my ISO with new one that include all the last Updates. Every x months i open my Reference Virtual Machine and do all the Windows Updates. I proceed with the Capture How to Capture a Custom ISO using MDT 2013 and Import in the MDT 2013. After i can create my Offline Media 

I hope that find useful my article and enjoy the reading.

If you interesting for MDT 2013 find a Category MDT with lot of Articles that you can help you to save time in your daily tasks.

Have a nice weekend . See you next Friady!!

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