Create System Image Backup in Windows 8.1

System Image Backup it's a great tool if your Laptop or PC don't has the ability to restore your Windows OS in factory defaults. System Image Backup give you the ability to restore your Operatings System until the state that take the System Image Backup. So if your disk crash suddenly and you have take a System Image Backup you can resotre it again in the same PC. You can't restore individual item of System Image instead of Backup. I have use it lot of times and i would like to explain how can do it.



Let's Start.

  • Right click in Start button of Windows 8.1.
  • Click Search

  • Write file history and automatic will find the option to click on it.

  • Go in the bottom and click on System Image Backup

  • Choose your media that you want to take your System Image. Don't use your Local Drive but an external device to take the backup.
  • Click Next

  • In the window verify the settings that you have choose.
  • Click Start Backup.

  • System Image Backup time depends of your storage that you have use in your Disk.
  • When finish click Close.

  • Open your hard disk to verify that the file created.
  • Unplug your disk and keep it in safe place because you never know when will be use it.

You must understand that the Backup of your files with System Image Backup it's something different. Backup of your files must take every day. System Image Backup you can take it once when your Laptop is new and never take it again. it depends from you the state tha you want to have the System Image Backup. So don't stop to take backup your files if you take a System Image Backup.

I hope to found helpfull my article and start to test in your PC.

Do you have use before System Image Backup? What is your opinion for this feature of Windows? Write your comments for your opinion or related questions that you have


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