Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8.1 with HYPER-V

Client HYPER-V is the virtualization technology that was introduced in Windows 8.1 and it's built upon the same virtualization technology that is available in Windows Server. In previous Article Enable Hyper-v Client in Windows 8.1 explain step by step how can Bringing Hyper-V to Windows 8 or 8.1. As i promise now it's time to explain Step by Step how can setup a new Virtual Machine in Client HYPER-V of Windows 8.

Before continue i must explain that ONLY IN 64bit you can setup a Virtual machine in Client-HYPERV of Windows 8 or 8.1.


Open HYPER-V Manager

  • Right Click in Start Button and select Search

  • Typer hyperv and wait seconds to get the results.
  • Select HYPER-V Manager to open it.

In previous article Enable Hyper-v Client in Windows 8.1 i had explain how can Pin to taskbar the Hyper-V Manager


Configure Networking for Virtual Machine

If you have a Lab or a small LAN in your Home and you need your VM to connect in your LAN you must proceed with the following Steps:

  • From the right side select Virtual Switch Manager.

  • Click on Button Create Virtual Switch.

  • In the Connection Type verify that is selected your Network Card
  • Click OK and Apply.


You will use the new Virtual Adapter when you will create the new Virtual Machine.

Create Virtual Machine

  • After open the HYPER-V Manager 


  • Go in the right Pane Actions and click New - - >Virtual Machine


  • You will open a new a Wizard to follow the steps.
  • In the first Screen just click Next.

  • Here you must Specify the Virtual Machine Name like Windows 7 or VM1. This is your decision.
    If you want to store Virtual Machine in different Partition you must check in Store virtual machine in a different location.
    For my Virtual Machines i have create a different partition in my Disk. So when create a new Virtual Machine i change the Default Path.
  • Clieck Next.

  • In this step leave the default options and click Next.

  • Here assign the memory that you want to take Virtual Machine from your Physical PC. Be carefull to give RAM that can support your Physical Machine. Do your calculations, type the number  and Click Next.

  • Click in Drop Down List and select the New Virtual Switch ( we created in previous Step Configure Networking) or Not Connection if you don't have LAN or you don't want to connect your Virtual Machine in LAN.

  • Here specify the Size of Hard Disk that you want to have your Virtual Machine. You must be carefull to give the appropriate Space base on your Free Size of Physical Disk. Type the size that you want and Click Next.

  • If you have already the ISO of your Operating System select Install an Operating System from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM.
  • Select Image file(iso). Click Browse and find the path that you have save your ISO to open it.When Start the Virtual Machine will boot from your ISO.
  • If you don't have it and must create your ISO select Install Operating System Later and click Next.

  • Last Screen it's a Summary only. Verify that all your settings are the correct and  Click Finish.


Start the Virtul Machine

  • After click Finish HYPER-V create your New Virtual Machine and you can see it in the HYPER-V Manager.


  • Doulble click in New Virtual Machine. If you have configure it to boot from the ISO click Start to setup your Operating System.


We finish with the setup of the new Virtual Machine. It's your turn to setup your Favourite Operating System. 

HYPER-V Manager has lot of options that can't cover in the article becausε i become boring.

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I hope to find intresting my article and enjoy it.

See you again in 7 days. 

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