Deploy Office 2010 with MDT 2013

Hello to all.I'm very excited with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit so this week i publish another one Article related to MDT 2013.Last 2 months i have publish lot of articles for MDT 20133 like How to Capture a Custom Image with MDT 2013 , Create a bootable USB with MDT 2013. This week i will explain How can deploy Office 2010 with MDT 2013 in your company.Another one feature that can use with MDT 2013 in few steps. Believe me that already have deploy Office 2010 with MDT in my company in half time instead to do manual.

Before start read this article it's better to Read first Building Custom Windows ISO with MDT 2013 and understand how can install MDT 2013 and create the Deployment Shares. After that you can proceed  without wondering how can install the software or how can find the Share folder ......

So let's start..

  • Expand Deployment Shares - - >MDT Build Lab - - > Applications.
  • Right Click in Applications and select New Application
  • Select Application with Source Files and click Next.

  • Write the Application Name like MS Office 2010 Pro x64 SP1. The other fields are optionals.If you want fill it.

  • Click Browse and select the path of your Office setup files and click Next.

  • Write the name of the Destination Directory. I prefer to give clean names to understand what i have if i need to use it after 3 months.

  • In the Command line type setup.exe. You have lot of options but i prefer the simple ones.Click Next.

  • Just a Confirmation for your settings. Click Next

  • Wait to finish. Usually takes 5-10 minutes. Click Next and Finish.

  • Now you will see the new Application  in the right Side of Applications.


  • Expand Deployment Shares - - >MDT Build Lab - - > Task Sequences.
  • Right Click in Task Sequences and select New Task Sequence.
  • Type the Task SequenceID and Task Sequence Name. Click Next.

  • Select Custom Sequence and Click Next.

  • Check your Settings and click Next.
  • Wait to finish and click Finish to create the Task Sequence.
  • Now you will see the new Task Sequence in the right Side of Task Sequences.

  • Right Click in the Task Sequence Office 2010 Pro wSP1 and click Properties
  • Select the Tab Task Sequences and you will see an entry Install Applications.
  • Select Install a single Application from the right side
  • Click Browse and select the Application which create before.
  • Click OK and OK.

You finish with the Task Sequence configuration and we are read to deploy the Office 2010 in any PC that you want


  • Go in the PC that you want to install or upgrade and type the path that you have the Deployment Share. For the scenario is \\test3\deploymentshare$.
  • Open the Script Folder and run the Litetouch.vbs.

  • Wait to start the Wizard and select the Task Sequence Name that you have create before and click Next.

  • Wait to finish the Installation.

  • You can follow these steps at the same time for multiple PC'S.

As you understand the names in Microsoft Deployment ToolKit it's very important and must be clear. Imagine that you want to deploy Windows in a PC after 3,4 months. You must understand Task Sequences Names and don't search or try to remember what you have include there or which is the most updated Task Sequence with Windows or Office? 

I hope after all these Articles with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit not borrow.

Just remond you that if you want to do your comments you can write here or in Google+ and Facebook

Have a nice weekend .