Deploy Windows 10 Image with DISM

Before 2 weeks i wrote an article Sysprep and Capture Windows 10 with DISM which explain how can capture an image with DISM.

I wrote the article for small environments that they don't have the time or the knowledge to setup MDT 2013 or SCCM to full automate the task.

In case that want to use MDT 2013 instead of manual preparation and deployment with DISM you can find series of articles in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Category

So let's start

After successful capture the Windows 10 image it's time to deploy it.


Create the appropriate Partition

  • Boot the Workstation/Laptop from Windows 10 iso
  • Click Next
  • Click Install Now


  • You don't need to add any key. Just click I don''t have a product key.


  • Select your Windows 10 Version. For the Scenario i use Windows 10 Pro.


  • Accept the license terms and click Next.


  • Select Custom Install Windows (Advanced).


  • Delete all the Partitions (if it has) until created only one Partiton.


  • Click New.


  • Select the Size that you want to has your Partition and click Apply.


  • You will get an info that Windows will create additional partitions ..... . Click OK.


  • Close the Windows to exit from the Installation


Configure Network Connectivity

After create the appropriate Partitions now it's time to connect the Workstation/Laptop in the network to use the capture image

  • Click Repair your Computer


  • Select Troubleshoot


  • Select Command Prompt


  • Be sure that you have connect the Workstation/Laptop in the network
  • In the command Prompt run
    start /w wpeinit
  • Type ipconfig. If you have a DHCP Server then you will get ip address.


  • If not run the following command to give a static ip address
    netsh interface ip set address <Ethernet adapter name> static <ip address><subnet mask><gateway>
  • Run now ipconfig to verify the ip address


  • ping the Server/NAS of the network share that you have save the wim file to verify the connectivity.
  • If you have connectivity issues must be think what maybe block the connection like firewall rules which is the most common.
  • Run the following command to map as drive the folder which has the image
    net use f: \\<server ip address\folder /user:<username> <password>



Deploy wim Image with DISM

Now that you have verify connectivity and resolve any issue that maybe have you must proceed to deploy the image

  • From the command prompt run
    list vol


  • Find the partition that created before. Probably it's not has any letter assign and you will recognize from it's size.
  • Run the following command
    select vol<number of the disk>
  • Run the command to format the partition
    format fs="ntfs" quick label="data"
  • Run the following command to assign a letter in the drive
    assign letter=g
  • The partition will get the correct drive ID:C after the image apply.
  • Run the following command to see how the volume has change now
    list vol


  • Type exit to exit from Diskpart
  • Now we are ready to run the dism command to deploy the image
    dism /apply-image /Imagefile:g:\images\win10refimg.wim /index:1 /applydir:g:\
    The /imagefile command determine that path which located the image file.
    The /ApplyDir specify the partition which the image will apply.
  • Wait until finish.


  • When the image applied successfully run the following command to copy and configre system partition files
    bcdboot C:\Windows
  • Now type exit and shutdown the PC.
  • Power on to verify that the image has been applied.

I hope to find valuable my article and help you.

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