Design Disaster Recovery Solution with Vembu BDR Suite

Today Disaster Recovery Solution in your environment it's very important. You can avoid days of downtime in case of Disaster or have a single Server in minutes online if you have design and Implement Disaster Recovery and Failover Solution for your Servers.

Backup can quarantine that you will not loose your data but can't use it to avoid hours of downtime in case of damage in any of your Servers.

Here come's to take place Replication of your Servers out of your Company.

Vembu BDR can cover this requirement with the ability to Replicate your Servers and use technologies like Re-IP Mapping  to avoid manual tasks when a Failover happened.


How can use VM Replication

Disaster Recovery Sites are base on Replication of VM's. So it's very important and it is a MUST for every company.

Before purchase Backup Software must be check if include Replication technology. Vembu BDR Server can cover Replication between VM's in ESXi Hosts with Network Mapping and Re-IP Mapping.

What is Network Mapping and Re-IP Mapping? Let's take a look to understand how can configure Replication and understand these technologies.

Let's explain how can use it

  • Before start be sure that you had Add VMware Server of the Disaster Recovery Site.
  • It's the same process as explain in Create and Run Jobs for Esxi Servers
  • Click VM Replication - - > VMware Vsphere.

  • Click in Replicate Now of your Local Esxi Host.

  • Select the Server that you want to Replicate. Click Next.

  • Configure Schedule Time of your Replication. Recommended out of working hours.

  • Select VMware Server of the Disaster Recovery Site , DataStore and how many restore points want to keep. Click Next.

  • If the Local Network and the Disaster Recovery Network are in different Subnet then you can use Network Mapping to map the 2 different Networks. Click in search icon for every Site to select the appropriate Network.

  • Re-Ip Mapping can be very useful in Failover Scenario. If a re-IP rule applies, the VM replica will get a new IP address according to the new network mask, and you will be able to reach this VM replica in the DR site. 
    If you don't enable this settings and the Networks of Production and DR Site are different then will not possible to use a Failover scenario and Users to has access in the Server of DR Site.Check Network Re-Ip Mapping and Click Add Rule to configure Re-IP Mapping.

  • Here type the  Ip Address/Subnet Mask of your Production Server , Ip Address/Subnet Mask of your Server in DR Site ,Gateway and DNS Server that you must use it for connectivity between Sites. These settings must be configure base on the network structure of Production and DR Site. Talk with the Network Administrator.  
  • When you finish click Save and Next.

  • Just a Review of the Replication Configuration. Click Run Replication to create the Job. If you would like to start the Replication check the Run this backup immediately after saving this configuration.

Click Run Now icon if you want to run manual the Replication and monitoring the status from Status icon.


Interesting of Vembu BDR in Replication is that you can use Re-IP Mapping and Re-IP Rules when other Softwares with the same price can't cover this technology.

I hope to find useful the article and give you to understand how can create Replication Tasks in your Data Center out of your company.

Share your feedbacks , experience with Vembu BDR Replication and how it works in your environment through commented system or Google+ and Facebook Page . I will be here to take part in your discussion.


Note that this review was sponsored by Vembu Technologies

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