Disable Server Manager at Start up for all Users

This is my first artile for 2017 and will not be related with any of the Categories that use to write like MDT,Virtualization or Powershell. Today i prefer to write a How To Article whch epxplain how can disable Server Manager to start when Login in Servers  administrators or other users as Remote Desktop Users.

Maybe some IT Pro prefer to open automatic the Server Manager when login but when use Remote Desktop Server it's not the best option to open Server Manager when a user Login.


Disable Server Manager at Start up

I don't like it every time that login in Server to start the Server Manager. I ignore it most of the times but it's better to know how can  disable it once and finish.

  • Login in the Server and will open the Server Manager.
  • From the top of the right side click in Manage - - - > Server Manager Properties.

  • Check the Don't start Server Manager automatically at logon. Click OK.

Log off and next time that you will Login in specific Server you will see that Server Manger sote started.


Disable Server Manager from Start up for multiple users.

All good until now. You have disable Server Manager at Start up.But what about if you are not alone in the IT Department or mulitple users connect in the Specific Server because it's a Remote Desktop Server?

The above instruction Disable Server Manager only for the login user. If another user login then must do the configuration again.

When use Remote Desktop Server users you don't want to has access in Server Manager.

But also users they don't want to bother from a Console that they don't know what it is.

Let's explain hw can disable it.

  • Open Group Policy Manager and create new Policy.
  • Expand the Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Server Manager.
  • From the right side open the Don't display Server Manamger automatically at Logon and select Enable.

  • Link the Group Policy in the Organization Unit with the Servers that you want to Apply or use the Security Filtering to Filter the Servers that you want to apply.
  • Test one Server with gpupdate /force if the Group Policy applied.

That't it. Easy and simple.

I hope to find usefull this small Article and to apply it if you don't want Server Manager every time to open it when login in Server.

Have a nice weekend!!

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