EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free - Review

Every day use hundred of files alone or share it with other users. Sometimes files can be deleted by mistake.

As IT Pro you have backups that can restore from previous days and user will be happy. But sometimes files maybe included in local PC's or Laptops and can be very important .

In the scenario that PC/Laptop has damage or files deleted without keep it in backups  we can use a file recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery.

In the past i have use the Free Edition lot of times to recover delete files from Directors in our Company that deleted accidental files in his Personal Laptop that never keep backup.

Recently i was asked to do a Review for Easus Data Recovery Wizard Free.

I found it very interesting because it's a software that can save you from a very bad situation.

So let's start

Before start with the installation i must note that it's very important to avoid the installation of EaseUS Data Recovery Software in the same drive where the files deleted

For example if you want to find files from any Drive except from C:\ then you can proceed with the default instalaltion.

BUT if the files that you try to recover deleted files from C:\ drive then it's prefer to remove the drive from the Laptop\Workstation , plugin in another PC or Laptop and use the Easus Data Recovery from there.

  • Download the software from here
  • Run the setup wizard. It's very simple
  • When finish open the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free from the Desktop Icon.
  • Select the drive that you want to scan and click Scan.
  • Wait until scan your Partition drive.
  • From the Top you can filter your results for better visibility.


  • When you find the files that you want to restore check it and click Recover.
  • Select the Path and click OK.


  • After Recover the file go in the destination and you can find the full path from the recovery file like the printscreen.


That's it.

It's very easy and you don't need to be expert to use the software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free except from Free version you can find more versions with more features base on your requirements.

You can find more details for every version in EaseUS Website

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