Edit PDF Files from MS Word 2013

After days of search to find a software which can edit PDF Files , save as PDF Files and other file types like Word, Excel ,i found a  very usefull option of MS Word 2013. You have the ability to edit PDF Files with MS Word 2013, convert to Word, save as PDF, or any other type that support MS Word 2013. I impressed because i don't have any idead for this feature and i'm sure that 90% of Office 2013 user they don't know for this future.

To edit PDF File in MS Word 2013 is very simple and you can do it if you follow the steps.

  1. Open the MS Word 2013 and go File -> Open
  2. Choose the path that you have the Pdf file.
  3. Before click on the file choose the file type of the file. Change the type from Word to PDF File or All files(unless the pdf file it's not appear to open it).
  4. Click Open and Wait to Convert the file in Word Document.
  5. That's it, you can start to edit the document and save it again as PDF or any other type that support the Word 2013.
  6. When you finish just click File ->Save As.
  7. Choose the path and the File type that you want to Save.