Enable Active Directory Remote Administration Tools

Active Directory Users and Computers it is a primary tool for every IT if works with Domain Controllers. Every time that you must change password, create new user, reset passwords, add member to Group and more tasks use Active Directory Users and Computers. 

But you know that for every request must connect in Domain Controller open Active Directory Users and Computer to do the task. With Remote Server Administrator Tools you don't need to do all these steps. Just you can connect in Active Directory Users and Computers remotely from your PC.


 Maybe lot of IT Pro already know and use Remote Server Administrator Tools but i would like to do a refresh for those that they don't know this feature.

Install Remote Server Administrator Tools

If you already has setup Remote Server Administration Tools you can proceed with the second Step

  • Base on yor Windows OS Download Remote Server Administration Tools from the following link
  1. Windows 10
  2. Windows 8.1
  3. Windows 7
  • Start the Installation of WindowsTH-KB2693643-x64

  • After while you will get a Windows. Click I Accept.

  • Wait to finish the installation

  • After finish it will prompt to restart your PC.


Enable Active Directory Remote Server Administration Tools

After Restart the PC it's time to enable Remote Server Administrator Tools for Acive Directory

  • Right Click in Start and Select Control Panel.

  • Select Programms and Features.
  • Select from the left side Turn Windows Features On or Off.

  • Scroll Down and find the Remote Server Administration Tools

  • Expand Remote Server Administration Tools - - -> Role Administration Tools  check the AD DS and AD LDS Tools
  • Click OK and Wait to Finish.

  • It will ask to Restart Now.
  • After Restart go in Control Panel - - > Administrative Tools.
  • Find all the Tools for the Active Directory.

Open Active Directory Users and Computers to start working.

Simple and you will not need any more remote connections in Domain Controller.

Have a nice weekend !!!


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