Enable and Run Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10

Windows 10 offer a new feature that must write in my blog. Include in Windows 10 an Ubuntu based bash shell. This isn't a Linux software compile for Windows or a Virtual Machine like Cygwin. It's a feature of Windows that you can enable it anytime that you want. Base on the announcement in Windows Blog  you can run <<Bash scripts, Linux command-line tools like sed, awk, grep, and you can even try Linux-first tools like Ruby, Git, Python, etc. directly on Windows>>.

Before start to use it i am here to explain some limitations and prerequisites to use the new feature. 

First of all it is beta and maybe some things break and don't work correctly. Until now any command that i have use works great. But I'm not Linux advance user.

How can install the Ubuntu bash shell?

Verify the Windows 10 Build.

Before start to search and read how can enable Ubuntu shell be sure that you have at least Windows Build 14316. To find the Build that you have you must follow the steps

  • Click in Start and select Settings
  • Select System

  • In the bottom select About
  • Here you can find all the info that you need.


Register in Windows Insider Program

To find your new feature in Windows you must be a  part of Windows Insider Program. Don't worry it's free and you can use new features. Base on the article How to Become a Windows Insider and Test New Windows 10 Features by Chris Hoffman a contributor in How to Geek you can register in Windows Insider Program

Enable Insider Preview Builds

Before enable Insider Preview Builds note that you will receive Updates and Apps that maybe are incomplete. So it's prefer to use Insider Preview Builds only in the PC that are comfortable to reinstall Windows at any time.If you finish the Registration in Windows Insider Program you must proceed to enable Insider Preview Builds in your Windows 10. You can do it if 

  • Click in Start and select Settings.
  • Select Update & Security

  • From the right side Select Advance Options

  • In Get Insider Preview Builds click in Get Started

  • Then will be open a new Window that inform you for few things. Pls read it carefully. Click Next.

  • Read  carefully the Before you Confirm and if you are ready click Confirm.

  • When Finish Windows will be restarted without notify you and from now on you will login in the PC with the Microsoft Account that you have use to Register in Windows Insider Program.
  • When you login go again in Start - - -> Settings - - - > Updates & Security.
  • Select Advance Options
  • Click in Get Started.

  • Select the Microsoft Account and click Close.

  • Now you have start the Insider Preview Builds. Choose between Slow and Fast and you are ready to receive all the new builds,updates and Apps that are in Beta State yet.


Activate Developer Mode

Once you are sure use the correct version then you must enable the Developer Mode.

  • Click in Back Button

  • Select Updates & Security

  • Select For Developers
  • Click in Developer Mode.
  • It will popup a windows that you must read and if you agree click Yes.

Enable Ubuntu Bash Shell in Windows 10

This is the final step but you must have complete the above 2 steps successful. After Register in Windows Insider Program and Enable Insider Preview Builds you must follow the steps to enable Ubuntu Bash Shell.

  • Right Click in Start and select Control Panel.

  • Select Programs and Features.

  • From the left side click in Turn Windows Features on or Off

  • Go down and check the Windows Subsystem for Linux(beta). Click OK

  • Wait to finish the installation.


This is it. Very exciting news from Windows. I'm very curious to see what new will have in the future for Windows 10.

Already have enable the Ubuntu bash shell in your WIndows10? I would like to hear your opinions and share it with other user in our Commented System.

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