Enable HYPER-V Client on Windows 8.1

Virtual PC's are very helpfull for advance users or for IT to do different tests or configurations. As IT my Laptop it's very important and i can't imagine if need to format from the beginning because of a problem in the middle of a day. 

When upgrade my Laptop to Windows 8.1 i found that has preinstalled client HYPER-V client and can use it to create Virtual PC's. I love this feature of Windows 8.1 and i would like to share with you how can enable because it's not enable by default.

Before start i need to note that the HYPERV- clients works only in 64bit. You can enable in 32bit but you can't create a virtual machine.


Confirm Virtualization Technology that Enable or Disable

  • If your CPU is mabe by intel you can download a free utility to see the results

Download Intel virtualization technology detection tool here.


After install the apllication you can use and identify the status as below

  • If your CPU is mabe by AMD you can download free utility to confirm the status of Virtualization Technology.

Download AMD-V virtualization technology detection tool here.


  • If the Virtualization Technology isn't enable then you must restart your PC,Laptop and open your BIOS. Common keys for Bios are Del or F10 but it's better to find how can open your BIOS base on your model of PC or Laptop.
  • Most of the motheboards has the option of Virtualization Technology in Advance Chipset Settings or in Security - - >System Security.
  • When you enable the feature click F10 to save and exit from BIOS.


Setting up HYPER-V Client.

After Enable Virtualization Technology from Bios and have restart your PC it's time to setup your HYPER-V Client.

  • Right Click in Start Button and select Control Panel.

  • Click on  Program and Features.

  • Fron the left side click on Turn WIndows Features on or off.

  • Tick in option Hyper-V and be sure that tick all the options inside Hyper-V.

  • Wait to finish the installation and restart the PC.
  • Now you have setup the HYPERV-Client and can proceed to create the new Virtual Machine.
  • Click in Start Button and search the word hyperv. When find the program Right Click and select Pin to Taskbar.

  • Open the HYPERV-Manager from taskbar to create your new Virtual Machine.

If you have setup a LAN and you want to connect your Virtual Machine in your LAN you must do a small change.

  • Select from the right side the Virtual Switch Manager.

  • Click on button Create Virtual Switch.

  • For basic configuration don't change anything and click OK to create the virtual switch that can connect in your Virtual Machine.


Now you have the ability to proceed and create your test enviroment from a single PC or Laptop without do changes in your physical PC.

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I hope to enjoy and find usefull my article.

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