Event id 1196 with Windows 2012 HYPER-V Failover Cluster

In my previous articles i wrote about Live Migration without HYPER-V Failover Clustering.

But Last month while  setup a HYPER-V Failover Clustering. encounter an error.  

Today i talk about the specific error and how can resolve it without need to search hours in Goodle to find the solution.

The error was the Event ID 1196 and appears after create the clusters in HYPER-V Hosts.

So let's start


After finish the validation of Failover Clustering i follow the wizard to create the Clusters.

Suddenly when finish the creation of Clusters i receive the following error in the Event Logs in the Failover Cluster Manager.

The error was related with the Computer Object of  the Cluster service which created automatic when create the Clusters.


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The description was

Cluster network name resource Cluster Name' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:
The handle is invalid.

With simple words the error says that can't register the network name of the new object in DNS Server.

You are IT Pro and you know that the Name resolution is very important in your network and it's more important in Failover Clustering.

The next step was to resolve this issue.

  • First step was to open the DNS Server and check for A Records of the Cluster Nodes and the Cluster Access Control object.
  • I found that the A Records for  the Cluster Nodes was correct but couldn't found Record for Cluster Access Control object.
  • Why this happened? When the error appear i didn't  have time to search in depth for the real reason. I was try to find the solution and continue with the installation.
  • When the  error resolved and finish the the Failover Cluster installation i start to search  why this happened.
  • After hours i found the real reason that cause the error:
    When a new static record created in DNS Server the Allow any authenticated users to update DNS Records with the same owner name it's not selected by default. The cluster nodes who will own the cluster name resource won't be able to register this resource record in DNS Server behalf of the resource records itself.
  • Find a diagram from Microsoft Article Failover Cluster Step-by-Step Guide: Configuring Accounts in Active Directory that describe how the compuer account for clusterce created when run the Wizard for Cluster creation.

  • What i did to resolve the error? Create a new A Record manual in DNS Server for the Cluster Access Control object and check the Allow any authenticated users to update DNS Records with the same owner name.

  • After that the error stop to created in Event Log.


In my research i found and other reasons that maybe cause the specific error like external DNS in Cluster Nodes

How to fix Hyper-V Cluster error 1196: Cluster Name failed registration from ITWORLD.COM


Simple solution for the specific error but you can spend lot of hours of searching if it's first time that face this error.

Do you have face other errors with HYPER-V Failover Clustering ?  Write now your experience in our commented system and share it with other IT Pro.

Have a nice weekend !!

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