Facebook How can Unfollow Boring Posts

Do you have satisfied because every day you bombardment of annoying articles, quiz and any type of posts from friends, groups, pages in your Facebook? You wish every day for better controlling in what you want to see in your News Feed
We have seen last year’s Facebook try to provide a user friendly personalize social media network to giving in users more control in News Feed to decide what they want to see or not.  
Facebook decide to offer better controlling techniques to users by letting them optimize for friends, groups, pages. Members now can unfollow person or posts or reduce the posts from specific person.
Users have been able to Unfollow friends some time now. But Facebook has improve the option and people can easily see what users have unfollow. So it’s simple if a user change mind and want to follow again someone instead to search and must remember who has unfollow.
Facebook is also offering in users another control which is called News Feed Settings. This control allow users to see the frequency of the posts from the users that have unfollow. Here is the place that users can follow again a person who has unfollow in the past.

Below I will explain how can enable the control tool to optimize your News Feed and remove all the annoying posts that you have borrow.

  • Log in Facebook find an annoying post from a user. Go in the right side of the specific post and click in the greyed small arrow.
  • You have the options
  1. I don't want to see this 
    So it willn't appear again the specific post in your News Feed
  2. Unfollow user
    When unfollow someone just it will not apear again any post from the user in your News Feed
  3. Hide all from ............
    Hide all the articles from the specific blog,page .....

  • Select the option that you prefer to remove the post from your News Feed.

When you unfollow someone then you will not see any post from the specific user in the News Feed. In any case if you want to see which user, page or groups that you have unfollow  you can

  • go in the left side where located lot of options.
  • select  the News Feed(without click)
  • click in the  gear icon from the left side of the News Feed.
  • Click Edit Settings

  • It will open a new windows with everyone that has unfollow. If you click in the x from the right side you can follow again the user, group, page and show again the posts in your News Feed.

Very simple to configure it from  a simple user and give more control what you can see in your News Feed.

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