How to Find Best Wifi Channel for Your Router

Today Wifi is very popular for Internet Connection. Most of the houses has an Internet Connection through Wifi. Companies has separate connections through Wifi for the customers and not only. 
How many times you are in your house and open your Laptop to connect in Internet .You realize that your connection is very slow. You can’t find any reason for this and wonder why your Internet connect is so slow.
There are many factors when  your Internet connection through wifi is slow  but below I will explain one of the most often factor.
Because of so many wifi networks sometimes you can have channel interference with your neighbor wifi network. The result of channel interference is to reduce the wifi signal and then the Internet Connection will be slower. If you have seen strange behavior of wifi network and you don’t know what is the reason follow the steps to check all the wifi networks in your neighborhood.

In every Wifi network try to use Wifi channels 1,6 or 11. 

If you use Laptop one of the very simple software with lot of details for Wifi networks is the Wireless Netview .

  • Download the WirelessNetview here
  • Extract the zip file and run the WirelessNetview.exe
  • The software will be scan all the wifi networks in perimeter and show details for every wifi network.
  • As you can see it has lot of details but now the only that we intrest is the Channel number.

  • If your wifi network included in channel with the most wifi networks change the channel of your wifi in the Router

For example if you can see that your next door neighborhood using channel 6 or the most of the wifi networks using channel 6 then change your wifi network to channel 1.

If you use android device you can download the Wifi Analyzer. You can find it in Android apps of Google Play or other marketplace.

  • Download the application from your android device and run it.
  • You can see an overview of wireless network in area and what channel use.

Click in View menu and select Channel rating. The app will display all the wifi channels and a star rating. The application tell you which channel are better for your Wifi Network

So you can go direct in your Router to check your wifi channel and change it with the channel that tell you the application.

Very simple and very usefull if you have problems with your Wifi network and want to check it. Also it's a good solution when you want to extend your Wifi network and want to find the better place for the Wifi extender.

In my next article i will explain how can change the Wifi channel in your Router which is very simple but most of the simple users can't do it.

That's it for today !!!