Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) - IIS 7

If you need an SSL Certificate your Provider will be request to upload the CSR from your Internet Information Server 7. So you must  Generate the CSR to be ready. How can do it ?








  • Open your IIS 7
  • Click in the Server Name from the left and click in Server Certificates from the righ side.

  • Click Create Certificate Request from the right side.

  • Fill all the options. The most important is the Common Name. Must be the FQDN that will have decide to use the SSL Certificate. For example if the SSL is for web site write the website name. If the SSL is for RD Gateway Server write the name that you have decide to use. For example
  • Click Next

  • Use the Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider and change from 1024 to 2048 the Bit length.

  • Click Browse to save the file. Click Finish.


Now you are ready to upload the CSR when requested from your Provider for the SSL Certificate.




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