How to Add Your Gmail Account in Outlook

Everyone today has a Gmail Account for emails. Most of them we use Gmail from Internet Browser for fast viewer to read emails. What happened when you use Outlook to check your emails from other email account? Then it's easier and faster to add your Gmail Account in Outlook and read all your emails from different account in one place. 

Below we will show you how can connect your Gmail in your Outllok.
To setup your Gmail account in your Outlook first must check some setings from your Gmail account.

  • Open your gmail account and go in the right top corner, click the gear icon, Select Settings.

  • Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and check the Enable the IMAP option.
  • Click Save Changes


Because Outlook 2007 has different configuration from Outlook 2010,2013 i will show you how can setup Gmail account in Outlook with a common way for all Outlook versions.

  • Open Control Panel and click Mail.

  • You will see a window with the Outlook Profiles. Choose your profile (Outlook is the default) and click in button properties.

  • Click on button Email Accounts.

  • Click on button New.

  • From the Auto Account Setup Windows check the  <<Manually configure server settings or additional server typed>> and click Next.

  • Check the option Internet E-mail.Click Next

  • Now here fill the fields as follow

Your Name: Display name that you want to show when someon receive your email
Email Address: Your email address
Account Type:IMAP
Incoming mail
Outgoing mail
Username: Your Gmail username
Password: Your gmail password

  • Click on button More Settings.


  • Select Tab Outgoing Server
  • Check the My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication.

  • Select tab Advanced

Change the Incoming Server(pop3) to 993.
Change the Use the following type of encrypted connection from None to SSL
Change the Outgoing Server(SMTP) to 587 and change the Use the following type of encrypted connection from none  to TLS.Click OK

  • If you want to test your account that is connected click on button Test Account Settings. If the test it's not finish successfukk then double check all the settings.When the Test completed successfukk click OK and open the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Wait some minuted to dowload all the emails.

From now on you can check your emails from Gmail to Outlook. 

It's very efficient and you can reduce time when you have multiple email accounts to check. Now you can check all your emails from one place.

I hope to enjoy and find helpfull my article. Do your comments here or in Google+.

Bye for today. See you again in few days.