HOW TO 2-Step Verification in Google Account

In this article i would like to talk about security amd how much  important  is when you are connected in Internet. Security is something that can't see as a beatiful website so more of times don't give attention that should. Only when have to face security issues like a virus or spam that send emails from your account in all your conatcts and much more ....   you know very well what is mean to be secure and protected from threats in Internet. 

Gmail is the most popular email i want to believe. So it has lot of enemies to try affect gmail accounts with multiple ways. Spams, take control of your account and other threads that you don't want to face. Google has create a security for your account with 2-step verification. 

2-step verification works when a bad guy hack your account and gets your password he still need your phone to get in your account.  

To enable 2-Step Verification following the steps:

  1. Login to your Google Account 
  2. Go to the Security Tab. See the print screen

3. As you can see is Disable. Then click Setup

4. Click Start Setup Button in the right Side

5. Add your mobile number and choose if you want to receive SMS or Voice mail.

6. Click Send Code and after seconds you will receive an SMS or Voicemail base on your choice

7. Add the Verification code that you receive, click Next

8. Leave the tick in the choice Trust this computer and click Next
    This choice is in case that you loose your phone. So from the trusted computer you will can access in your account without needing a code.

9. Click Confirm and you will ask if you want to reconnect your apps and devices to your google Account.
     For example if you have connect your gmail in yiur iphone or any other mobile device it will be reconnected. Unless you will need to connect manual again. So it's better to reconnect your  devices again with the Google account because all of them we have one device connected with the gmail.

That's all. You have finish.

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