How to access in USB physical hard disk from VM in HYPER-V

With Virtual Machines the use of physical hard disks and USB reduce. But still sometimes maybe need to use a Hard disk from a Virtual Machine to create a bottable disk with WinPe or different tasks that request from Virtual Machine to has direct accrss in a physical hard disk.

Last week i must create a bootable hard disk with WinPe. I didn't have a Physical PC to do it. SO i create a Virtual Machine but when i came accross with the specific request to be honest i stack.

Let's explain step by step how can do it  it in few clicks if have a similar request and you don't want to search hours for the solution.


  • Plug the USB Drive in the HYPER-V Host
  • Right click in the start and select Disk Management
  • Find the Disk that corresponds to USB Drive

  • From the top right click in the Disk of Usb Drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

  • Select the Drive letter and click Remove.

  • Now go down where you can see Tables with the size of the Disk and with right click in the left side select Offline.

  • Be sure that when the Disk goes Offline it will appear a red arrow.
  • Now open the HYPER-V Manager and select the Virtual Machine that you want to have direct access in USB Drive
  • From the right side click Settings

  • From the left side select SCSI Controller
  • Select Hard drive and click Add

  • Instead of Virtual Hard disk select Physical hard disk and click the arrow to find the USB Drive

  • Click OK
  • Login now in Virtual Machine and open the Disk Management.
  • Find the Disk that is Offline
  • Right click and select Online

  • Open My Computer and you can see a second Disk which is the Disk that bring Online

Now you can do anything that you want like a USB Drive that you have plugged in your PC.

Note that you can't do this with USB Flash drive because it's not support to take offline .


I hope to find usefull the article

Have a nice weekend


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