How to Apply Network Settings through Deployment in MDT

MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) can automate your Deployment of Windows Image. But how can automate or configure the Ip Address of your image through Deployment ?

I wrote lot of articles for MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) but actual i don't have write any article for how to apply network settings for an image in MDT.

In this article i explain different options that can use in MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) to apply network settings.

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How to apply network settings in Task Sequence

One of the option is to use the Task Sequence to apply network settings in your image after deploy it from your DHCP.

But we must be very careful with the order of the settings in Task Sequence

  • Open MDT
  • Expand the MDT Deployment Share - Task Sequences
  • Find the Task Sequence that you want to apply network settings.
  • Right Click and select Properties
  • Expand the State Restore
  • Click in Gather Local Only.


  • Click in Add - - Settings - - Apply Network Settings


  • Verify that the Apply Network Settings is directly after Gather Local Only. Unless it will not work.


How to give a static ip address from Task Sequence

If you want to give a static IP Address in your Deployment you can use the Apply Network Settings in Task Sequence as follow

  • Follow all the steps from the How to apply network settings in Task Sequence above to create the Step of the Apply Network Settings
  • Click in Apply Network Settings
  • From the right side click in asterisk icon as show in printscreen


  • Select Use the following ip address
  • Click in asterisk icon and type the Name Ip Address/Subnet Mask that you want to apply. Click OK
  • The Name will be the name of the Ethernet Adapter.


  • Do the same for the Gateway Settings. Click OK


  • Click in Tab DNS
  • Select Use the following DNS Server
  • Click in asterisk icon and type the Ip Address of your DNS Server.Click OK


  • Click OK

Now you are ready to Deploy the Image and get the Ip Address that you gave through the deployment.

Note: If you use WDS(Windows Deployment Server) don't forget to Replace the Boot Image


How to apply network settings from Deployment Wizard

Another one way that you can use to apply network settings is directly from Deployment Wizard before start the Deployment.

This method is the most dynamic from others because you can use any Ip Address that you want.

It's helpful when you don't want to automate the deployment of the network settings.

Before use this option you must check first that in Bootstrap.ini has the following line

  • Open MDT
  • Right click and select Properties in MDT Deployment Share


  • Click in Tab Rules
  • Click in button Edit Bootstrap.ini


  • Check that exist the line SkipBDDWelcome=NO
  • If not exist or you can see SkipBDDWelcome=Yes change it
  • After change the Bootstrap.ini right click in MDT Deployment Share and select Update Deployment Share


  • Click Next 


  • Again Next
  • Wait until finish the Update and click Finish


  • Now when the deployment Wizard start click in button Configure with Static Ip Address


  • Uncheck the Enable DHCP and configure with the settings that you want.
  • Click Finish and continue with the Deployment Wizard.



These are some of the options that you can use to apply network settings through Deployment. 

I hope to find helpful and use it in your Deployments

Have a nice weekend !!

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