How can calculate pc energy use.

Energy today is the most important thing in the life of human.Without energy is very difficult to do anything. We use cars, light, listen music, use pc, laptops in the work and in the home and so many other things. The most known type pf energy that use is the electricity. All we want to reduce the bill in our homes. with different ways. Do you have think how energy use your PC, laptop which is open 24 hours a day ? How can calculate the energy from your laptop or Desktop? 
Microsoft Research team has create the Joulemeter. Is a software tool that estimate power consumption of your desktop,laptop and even individual software programms running on your computer.
Joulemeter estimates the power consumption of your computer by measuring hardware resources as CPU, Hard disk ,memory,screen etc.

For your desktop if you want more accurate power data you can use it with a Watts up power meter. You can find more details for the Watts up power meter in the website of the manufacture.

But you can use it without the extra hardware.

For the installation follow the steps.

  • Choose your device Laptop,Desktop ......  and Click Save Manual Power Model.

  • Go in Power Usage Tab to see  the energy consumption of your Laptop or Desktop.

That't it!!!   Very easy and quick you can measue your power consumption in your PC.