How can Change Path of Folder with Logs in MDT 2013

MDT Monitoring is very usefull feature for IT Pro that deploy or Capture Windows Image very often.

Two weeks ago suddenly i receive in our community system a very simple question from a user but to be honest i didn't have any answer for him.

I found it very intresting so i start and search for the solution.


The question was:

Is it possible to have the logs use a unique name so it doesn't keep adding to the same BDD file?

Before start to explain what was the solution it's recommended read previous articles like 

Monitoring Deployment with MDT 2013

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to understand how can use CustomSettings.ini and different Properties like SLShare


You can find a very intresting solution to Monitoring Deployment Process from Experts in MDT and Powershell like Damien Van Robaeys who has write a lot of Articles related with MDT combine with powershell.

One of the article that can real help to have a good monitoring solution for deployment process is the  MDT Monitoring: Deployment Success/Error Mail notification.


After finish my research and with little help  i found a very usefull tip in  by Johan Arwidmark and i would like share with you.

Until now i use the Default path in SLShare for the Logs

So i change the path of SLShare like

SLShare=\\MDT\MDT_Distribution$\DeploymentLogs\#month(date) & "-" & day(date) & "-" & year(date) & "__" & hour(now) & "-" & minute(now)#

Then i start a Deployment of Windows Image and see the results in the Log folder.

It has create a folder with Date and Time. Inside in this folder included subfolder with the Computername and all the logs includede BDD. 


It's very usefull If use very ofthe Deployment or Capture with MDT 2013 AND wants to have detail structure of your Logs .

Quick and simple.

Have a nice weekend !!!.

Share in our commented system experience with MDT and monitoring. Let's stat!!


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