How can recall email from Outlook 2010 & 2013

I decide to write an article that has to do with one feature of Outlook that most of the simple users they don’t know it.  Most of the times when I ask someone if knows the specific feature the reaction is What?? Wow? Can you do it? Show me how can do it.

Recall an email it’s a helpful feature of Outlook when someone send accidentally an email to someone else. It’s not so important when the email it’s from personal emails. But can you realize the situation if you send an email in the customer accidentally? Or send a email in your Director but was intended for your colleague? This is very important issues and here comes the specific feature to prevent these situations.

Before start i would like to highlight that to Recall the email successful the Recipient mustn’t Open the Email that you have sent. Unless your recall will be failed.

Let’s start to show you how can recall your email that accidentally sent to someone else.

  • Of course you must have open your Outlook and send your email.
  • Realize that the email that you have sent has wrong recipient.
  • Go to Send Items and open the email that you have sent.

  • Go in Actions and click Recall This message.

When Click on Recall This Message you will prompt to choose one of the following options:

  1. Delete unread copies of this message.
  2. Delete unread copies and replace with new message.

As it as default and click OK to prevent and recall the message before read the email the recipient.

  • If the email recall successful you will receive an email notification 
  • If the email wasn’t recall successful you will receive an email notification but sometimes maybe you willn’t receive nothing.

The estimation time to receive the email notification is 2-5 min. If in case that you haven’t receive any email between the estimation time probably the recall failed.

This Outlook feature is very simple and can prevent big issues. This is the reason that i choose to share this article with you.

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