How can use System Restore in Windows 7 & 8.1

This week I will explain a very interesting feature of Windows that can use to resolve different issues.It’s not difficult, it’s not so technical to use by simple users. 
System Restore allows you to restore your computer in previous state without lose any of your files, programs or personal settings. Sometimes when you install new software, drivers or your Laptop shutdown because battery is empty in the middle of Windows Updates your PC can’t start normal or they may affect other system settings and prevent other programs to working correctly.

You can use System Restore to revert settings back to previous state.

Let’s start!!!

Enable System Restore

Windows 8.1

  • Right click in Start button and click in Search

  • In Search area write system restore.
  • Click in Creaset Restore Point.

Windows 7

  • Click Start and type system restore.


  • Verify in Protection Settings that the Local Disk C has the protection On.

  • If it’s off click on button Configure and select Turn On System Protection.


Create Restore Point

  • If you want to Create your Restore Point click on Create

  • Write a name for your Restore Point to help you identify the Restore Point and click OK.

Restore From a Restore Point

If you have enable Restore Point from the time that you have buy your PC then you will have lot of Restore Points back. If not and now you enable the Restore Point you will see only the new Restore Point tha you have created.

  • Click on button System Restore.

  • Check the Show more restore points.
  • Select the restore state that you want to go back.As you can see included and the new restore point that we createdand other automatic restore points.

  • Click Next and it will prompt in new Window to confirm the Restore Point.
  • Click Finish

  • Now  will start the process to restore in restore point that you select and when finish you will restart the pc to complete the restore.

Alternative way to open System Restore Settings

Another way to open System Restore settings is

Windows 7

  • Click in Start Button and select Control Panel.

Windows 8.1

  • Right click Start button.
  • Select Control Panel.

  • Go in the top of the right side and write word restore.


  • Click in Create Restore Point under of System.

Now go back in Enable System Restore or Restore From a Restore Point to continue.

We finish!! You can do it in 5-10 minutes without need any help from others. It's very simple, without complexity and you can resolve serious problems after a system restore.

As you can see Windows has some of very good features that can use a simple user. Here you can find all of these features every week.

Bye for now and we will back next week with new article.