How to Capture Windows Image using MDT 2013

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 it's a powerfull tool with lot of abilities.Today i will explain how can Capture an already installation of Windows with multiple programms installed. Benefits of the capture is that we can setup a PC with Windows OS , all the drivers, all the softwares that need to have than we are going to capturing the image. Then we can deploy the capture image in all PC'S and save lot of time to installed drivers and softwares one by one on several systems. 

In my article i will use Windows 8.1 with Office 2013 and lot of programms like Skype,Antivirus,Acrobat Reader, mozilla and other programms but you can capture an image from any Windows OS with any software installed.

But for those that they don't use MDT 2013 and want to capture a Windows Image you can use the sysprep tool as describe in another article Windows Sysprep Tool for Virtual Machines.

Now for those that interesting for MDT 2013 and they don't have install yet then must read the following articles before start to capture Windows Image

Building a Custom Windows ISO with MDT 2013 include all the necessary steps of how to install and configure MDT 2013 to be able to continue with capture.

So if you decide to use MDT 2013 then Let's start

Create a Capture Task Sequence

  • Open the Deployment WorkBench
  • Expand Deployment Shares and MDT Deployment Share
  • Right click in Task Sequence - - > New Task Sequence
  • Follow the Task Sequence Wizard with the First Step to fill the Task Sequence ID and Task Sequence Name. I filled with ID: CAPWOS and name Capture Windows. Decide which is the best for you.

  • Select Sysprep and Capture and click Next.

  • Select the OS that matches the OS that you are going to capture.

  • Select Don't specify a product key at this time and click Next.

  • Write in Full Name and Organization anythig tht you want. Click Next.

  • Select Don't specify an Administrator password at this time. Click Next

  • This is only a Summary. Click Next..

  • Wait to finish and click Finish.

Capture the Windows Image

Now it's time to capture the already setup Windows Image with multiple applications. For my scenario i have the following

  1. Setup Windows 8.1 with all the drivers of the PC.
  2. Setup Office 2013.
  3. Setup Mozilla Browser, Chrome, Acrobat Reader , Winzip.
  4. Change the Time Zone.
  5. Create desktop icons for my applications.
  6. I didn't join in my Domain because later in my capture will fail.

Now let's start to capture the Windows Image.

Last step before start is to read the articles Monitoring Deployment with MDT 2013 to describe how can enable Monitoring to check for errors in any Deployment and the Enable Deployment Logs for Troubleshooting in MDT 2013 to troubleshoot any error that may arise while capture the Windows image.

With the above articles you will have the info to resolve the errors without need to search and find the solution.

Now let's start to capture the Windows Image.

  • Open the network path of DeploymentShare. For my installation is

  • Open the folder Script , find the file LiteTouch.vbs and double click to start.

  • Wait to start the Wizard

  • Now you can see that you have 2 options. Select Capture Windows(Is the Task Sequence which create before) and Click Next.

  • Select Capture an image of this reference computer. Verify the UNC path that the image file will be stored. Usually the default path is the path of MDT Server Share capture folder.
  • Give a file name of the image file and click Next.

  • If will ask for credentials write the credentials that has access in DeploymentShare (usually ask in Domain enviroment). In my scenario i work in Workgroup and it didn't ask for credentials
  • The capture process start, sysprep is working.

  • The system will be restart and start to create the WIM file (Image file).

  • Wait to finish. Usually it takes 40-50min.


Import Custom Image for Deployment

After finish successfull the Capturing we can Import the Custom Image in Deployment Share as Reference for Deployment Windows Image in other PC'S.

  • Expand the Deployment Shares and the MDT Deployment Share.
  • Right Click in Operating Systems and select Import Operaring System.
  • Select Custom Image file.

  • Browse and find the Directory which included the WIM file. Remember that before we have give the path and a file name of WIM file. If you don't have the change the default path you will find in the Capture folder of Deployment Share and click Next.

  • Change the name of destination directory or use the default and click Next.

  • Verify in the Summary that all the options are ok and click Next.

  • Wait to finish the import and then click Finish.

  • In the right side you can see the Operating System which import.



You have finish. Capture a Custom Image and Import in MDT 2013. You will do it this task once and you can have it as the Reference Image for all your PC'S in your Company. Imagine the time that you can save instead to setup the Windows OS, drivers of the PC, Applications and other Customizations that need the PC for every user in the Company every time that need to upgrade or a PC/Laptop crash  and must setup again.

But how can resolve the problem with Windows Updates after months?  Read the Apply Windows Updates in Offline Media with MDT 2013  to keep your Custom Image up to date after months.

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