How to Configure HYPER-V Server Core 2016

Installing HYPER-V Server Core it's not a difficult task. The difficult in Core Edition is the management because missing the Windows Graphical User Interface Environment.

With some practice in a Lab Environment you can achieve this task and be ready to install the HYPER-V Server Core in the Production Environment.

You can practice in your Lab without limitation because  HYPER-V Server Core it's totally free.

As IT Pro will be ask why make my life difficult if i have the easy solution ?

The answer if must setup HYPER-V Server Core it depends of your requirements and the IT Policy that has as Department. It's not the only right solution but also it's not the wrong.

Of course HYPER-V Server Core has lot of advantages and some of then are:

  • Reduce Attacks
  • Reduce Resources
  • Reduce Patching.

and more .......


If you have decide to go through with HYPER-V Server Core 2016 from  here you how can start to configure it.


How to configure HYPER-V Server Core

After finish the installation of HYPER-V Server Core 2016 you will get the following screen.


  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Del 
  • It prompts you to change the password of the Administrator


  • Change it and click OK.


  • Click OK again 


  • You will get a warning if you don't have enable any network adapter.Just Click OK


  • Type sconfig to open the Server Configuration.


  • The first thing that i will configure is the Network Settings
  • Click the number 8.


  • Type the number of  the Network Adapter that you have to configure


  • Type the number 1 to configure the network settings
  • Type S for static because HYPER-V Server must has static ip address


  • Type all the network details that need.
  • Do the same for the DNS Settings which is in number 2


How to Join HYPER-V Server Core 2016 in a Domain

Today i will show you how can join in a Domain. But this means that you migrate the HYPER-V Server and already exist a Domain Controller in another HYPER-V Server. But it's a good idea in one of my next articles to write how can install HYPER-V Server Core from scratch.

  • Type the number


  • Type D to select the Domain
  • Type the domain name to join


  • Give the credentials of a domain administrator to join.


  • After join it will request to do a restart.
  • Now if you have another HYPER-V Server with GUI you can Add in HYPER-V Manager and start to create Virtual Machines.


As you see  it's very easy to configure a HYPER-V Server Core 2016 with sconfig tool.

But it will be more difficult if this is the first HYPER-V Server and must do all the configuration until be ready to create Virtual Machine as Domain Controller and join to the domain.


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