How Deploy Windows image using MDT and WDS in Windows Server 2016 (Part 1)


Microsoft Deployment Toolkit it's a powerfull tool. You can use it create or capture Windows images ,deploy Windows images in multiple Workstations at the same time and more.

It's a tool that can reduce lot of time in day by day tasks as IT Pro.

I wrote lot of articles related Deployment with MDT 2013 but only for Offline Deployment . 

Today i write an article with step by step instructions how can use MDT with WDS to Deploy Windows Images from your network.



Before start the installation find below what we use in Lab

  • Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller as DC1
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 for MDT as MDT
  • Windows Server 2016 with WDS Rols as Win2016

Except from the infrastructure in Lab you must have install Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 and import an Operating System

If you don't have install MDT 2013 and configure then you can find step by step instructions with print screens in the following article

Building a Custom Windows ISO with MDT 2013

Installation of Windows Deployment Services in Windows Server 2016


After setup Windows Server 2016 and join to the domain it's time to proceed with the setup of WDS Role

  • Open Server Manager
  • Click in Manage and Select Add Roles and Features


  • In first screen click Next


  • Select Role-based or feature based installation. Click Next


  • Leave the Select a server from the server pool. Click Next


  • In Server Roles check the Windows Deployment Services and click Add features when popup a window for the features that must included.



  • In Select features click Next


  • Click Next again


  • Leave the Role Services Deployment Server and Transport Server selected and click Next.


  • Click Install and wait until finish the installation



Configure Windows Deployment Services

After finish with the installation open Server Manager, click Tools and select Windows Deployment Services

  • When you open the Windows Deployment Services you will see a console like this
  • Right click in the Server name and select Configure Server


  • The first screen show you which are the requirements before proceed with the Configuration.
  • Be sure that met all the requirements to avoid issues.
  • Click Next


  • Select Integrated with Active Directory because the Server already is member of a Domain. Click Next


  • Select a path which will be include Boot Images. Don't use folder from Local Disk C Partition. Create a separate partition to create the Remote installation folder. Click Next


  • For now select the option Don't Respond to any clients. Click Next


  • Wait until copy the appropriate files in Remote Installation folder.


  • Uncheck the option Add Images now and click Finish.


  • Now you can see how must be the Windows Deployment Server before proceed to Add Boot Images


Now you can continue with 2nd Part How Deploy Windows image using MDT and WDS in Windows Server 2016 (Part 2) to finish with the configuration and start the Deployment.

That's it. 

I hope to find valuable my article and help you.

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