How to Enable HYPER-V Enhanced Session Mode

HYPER-V in Windows Server 2012 has lot changes. One of them is Enhanced Session Mode. All we know that Virtual Machines don't provide any physical console that you can interact with like a physical computer.

From  my experience lot of times i need to copy/paste files from USB Disk in the Virtual Machibe and i must copy-paste in network location like a User folder, connect Remotely in Virtual Machine or from HYPER-V Host Console and open network location to copy/paste the file or folder.

With Enhanced Session Mode you can have access from the Virtual Machine in Local Devices of HYPER-V Host. With more details Enhance Session Mode allow local resources to redirected to virtual machine without need network connection. To be more specific can redirect.

  • Rich display
  • Audio
  • Printers
  • Clipboard
  • USB devices
  • Drives
  • Plug and play devices
  • Smart cards

Let's Start to explain how can enable and use the Enhance Session Mode in Windows Server 2012. 

  • Login in HYPER-V Host and open HYPER-V Manager
  • Click in HYPER-V Settings from the right side.

  • Click in Enhance Session Mode from the left side.
  • Tick in Use Enhanced Session Mode. Click OK.

  • Now connect in one of your Virtual Machines and will see a small Window to give you the option for Display configuration. Select the Dispaly configuration that prefer and click in Show Options.

  • Click in Tab Local Resurces.
  • Redirect  any device that you want in the Virtual Machine.
  • In this example i have plug-in a USB Hard Disk in Physical Server. So click in More .

  • Expand the Drivers and tick in New Volume (E) which is the USB Hard Disk.

  • Click OK and Connect
  • Login in the Virtual Machine and when open This PC i can see my USB Hard Diksk.


Enhance Session Mode it's very easy to enable it. To be honest i found this option last months and has help me a lot in different tasks like copy/paste big files.

If you have any issue to enable Enhanced Session Mode you can discuss it in our commented system and help you to resolve it.

Have a nice weekend !!!


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