How to install HYPER-V - Part 1

Moving away from physical hardware virtualization you can provide number of benefits. Of course you have different choices in hypervisors like Esxi FROM VMWARE, HYPER-V from Microsoft.

HYPER-V Installation it's very easy and you can enable in few minutes.

So let's start 


Verify Hardware support of Virtualization Technology

Before start to install HYPER-V must be verify that the Hardware support Virtualization Technology. When finish with the verification must configure your system BIOS in order for HYPER-V to operate.

Find your CPU model and base on it download the tool to verify your Hardware

For Intel Processors you can download the tool from

Download Intel virtualization technology detection tool here.

For AMD Processors you can download the tool from

Download AMD-V virtualization technology detection tool here.


Configure System BIOS for HYPER-V to operate

You have finish with the check of your hardware if support virtualization technology.

If support then you must do some changes in your bios system.

So restart the Server and follow your instruction of your Vendor to enter in BIOS.

I have write instructions how can enable these feature in BIOS but in case that you can't find then you must read the manual of your Vendor.

Maybe has difference where you can find every feature base on the Vendor

Hardware Virtualization Assisted

Usual you can find these settings in BIOS under Configuration - - > Virtualization or Processor

  • For Intel: Intel VT
  • For AMD : AMD - V

Data Execution Prevention

Usual you can find these settings in BIOS under Configuration - - > Security

  • For Intel: XD bit
  • For AMD: NX bit


It's a feature of CPU and if you want to enable HYPER-V in Windows 8.1 must support the feature and must be enable it.

For Windows Server 2012 does not required

Find it as follow base on the Vendor

  • For Inte:EPT
  • For AMD: RVI/NPT


Are you prepare to enable HYPER-V in Windows 8.1 and you can't find if SLAT is supported or not?

Type the following command in Powershell

Get-CimInstance -ClassName win32_processor -Property Name, SecondLevelAddressTranslationExtensions



Windows 8.1

If you have Laptop/Workstation and you want to enable HYPER-V then you can read the following article which describe step by step all the details

Enable HYPER-V Client on Windows 8.1

Windows Server 2012 

If you have a Server in your Lab or in the Production enviroment and you want to enable HYPER-V the steps are different.

  • Open Server Manager
  • Click in Manage - - -> Add Roles and Features

  • Now will start the Wizard for the Roles & Features installation
  • First Screen just click Next

  • Select Role based or feature based installation

  • Leave the selection Select a server from the server pool. Click Next

  • When you tick the HYPER-V Role


  • Just cllick again in Add Features button to add all the required Features for the HYPER-V. Click Next

  • Click again Next in the HYPERV Section

  • Here HYPERV explain that Virtual Machines need to has a Virtual Switch for the connection in Network.
  • Virtual Switch need to use a Physical Network Card of your Server. You can select a Physical Network Card that will use it for the Virtual Switch but you can skip it for now. So just click Next.

  • Again click Next without change anything

  • Read the default locations for the Virtual hard disks and Virtual machines.
  • Decide if this is will be the default location or change it base on your requirements.
  • If you are beginner it's better to leave it as it and will be select the desire location after installation. Click Next

  • Click Install to finish the installation.

  • After finish successful the installation must be restart the Server.
  • When the Server will be restarted open Server Manager 
  • Select Tools - - -> HYPERV Manager.

This is the first Session of HYPER-V Training and explain what you need and how can install HYPER-V in your Laptop/Workstation or in Windows Server 2012 R2.

It's time to do your practise until the next article of HYPER-V Training which will go deeper and start explain Management Tool and how can use it.


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