How to install HYPER-V in Windows Server 2019

HYPER-V Server 2019 has a lot of new features like Storage Spaces DirectReFS deduplication and more ..... that maybe you would like to check it. 

In this article i will explain how can install Windows Server 2019 Core and HYPER-V Server Role.

If you already has install Windows Server 2019 skip to HYPER-V Role Installation


Requirements for HYPER-V Deployment

Before start the installation of the Windows Server 2019 which will include HYPER-V Role you must read the requirements that must be apply in your Server

Hardware Requirements

  • At least 4 GB RAM for the HYPER-V. Depends on the number of  the Virtual Machines and the type of the Virtual Machines which will be host then you must calculate how much RAM must has in your Physical Server. For example you can have only 2 Virtual Machines but the requirements of one of the VM must be 40GB RAM.
  • 64-bit Processor with second level address translation (SLAT)
  • VM Monitor mode extension

BIOS Requirements

Also you must do some configuration in the Server BIOS which will be 

  • Hardware Virtualization Assisted
  • Data Execution Prevention
  • SLAT
  • Disable C States (power management

If you need more advance features like Shielded Virtual Machines then you can read the requirements from Microsoft Docs


Installation Techniques for Physical Servers

First of all we must install Windows Server 2019 Core because it's the recommendation installation for HYPER-V Role and other Roles like Failover Clustering, FileServer and more.

If you install Windows Server 2019 as VM it's very easy because you must just create a DVD and add the ISO to boot.

But if you are old IT Pro then you know that in Physical Servers you have lot of things before start the installation.

First of all you must have the ISO that you can download from Evaluation Center except if you already have it from Volume License Center.

The techniques that can use to install Windows Server 2019 in your Physicak Server are

  • Create a bootable USB or DVD Media
  • Use MDT with Windows Deployment  Server. Read my articles in 

How Deploy Windows image using MDT and WDS in Windows Server 2016 (Part 1) 

How Deploy Windows image using MDT and WDS in Windows Server 2016 (Part 2) 


How to install Windows Server 2019 Core

After prepare and be ready let's start the installation of Windows Server 2019

  • When you will boot from your ISO then you can start with the first screen that you must decide Language,Time and Keyboard. Click Next.


  • As usual click Install Now


  • Select the Operating System that you want to install. Depends of your requirements you can choose from Standard or Datacenter but without Desktop Experience.
  • For this scenario i select Windows Server 2019 Datacenter. Click Next


  • Accept the terms and click Next


  • For a fresh installation select Custom: Install Windows Only(advanced)


  • At this step you must configure your partition and click Next


  • The installation will start.
  • Because it's a Core installation will finish very quickly (Estimate 5-10 minutes)


Now we are ready to proceed with the installation of HYPER-V. 

Below you can find different ways of how can install HYPER-V Role in Windows Server 2019 Core


How to install HYPER-V Role from GUI

For those that love Graphical User interface they can use the traditional Server Manager to install the HYPER-V Role.

Because we have a Core Edition without any Graphical User Interface we must first decide  a machine with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 to manage the Windows Server 2019 Core

  • From machine which choose to manage the Windows Server 2019 open the Server Manager
  • Click in All Servers. With right click select Add Servers.


  • Right down the name of the Server Click Find now
  • Click in Arrow to transfer in the right side
  • Click OK


  • Now from the All Servers with right click in the Windows Server 2019 Core select Add Roles and Features


  • Click Next in the Welcome Wizard


  • Keep the default settings and click Next


  • Be sure that the Windows Server 2019 Core is selected. Click Next


  • Click in HYPER-V
  • Click Add features to add any dependency Feature


  • Click Next


  • Once again Next


  • Another one Welcome Wizard . Click Next


  • We don't want to configure HYPER-V right now so don't change anything and click Next


  • Don't change anything


  • If you have already decide where you will store your VM do the appropriate change unless keep it as it for now and click Next


  • Wait until finish the installation 



How to install HYPER-V Role from Powershell

Of course installation of HYPER-V Role from powershell is much easier with fewer steps.

  • Login in your Windows Server 2019 Core
  • Type powershell
  • Write down the following command
  • Find out the HYPER-V Role
  • As you can see it has the Columns Display Name and Name. When you want to install a Role or Feature you must be write the Name instead of Display Name.


  • Write down the following command to start the installation. Remeber in the -Name must be the Name Column when find the Role from the list
    Install-WindowsFeature -Name HYPER-V
  • Wait few seconds until finish the installation and restart the Server



How to install HYPER-V Role from Windows Admin Center

My prefer method to manage Windows Servers  is the Windows Admin Center

If you don't have try Windows Admin Center it's time to proceed and setup because it's the future of the traditional Server Management Console.

Find out a Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016/2019 machine  and read my article to try it Windows Admin Center (Project Honolulu) — Setup Guide or download the e-book How to Get the Most Out of Windows Admin Center By @Eric Siron 

  • After setup Windows Admin Center login
  • Click Add


  • Type the Server Name
  • Wait few seconds until find it. Click OK


  • Click on the Server


  • Scroll Down until find the Role and Features from the left menu


  • Find out and check the HYPER-V Role
  • From the top click Install


  • Click on the popup windows to monitoring the progress.



Remember that this is only the beginning. We have lot of configurations until get the perfomance that you want and add your new Windows Server 2019 HYPER-V in your production.

I hope to help you in one another task of IT Pro.

Have a nice weekend !! 

and Stay Safe !!!!

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