How to manage and monitoring Failover Cluster with Windows Admin Center

In my previous article i explain how can prepare and install Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2016

I hope to help someone to build the Failover Clustering or improve the infrastructure for those that already has build a Failover Clustering.

But after build your Failover Clustering you must monitoring especially in the beginning for issues that maybe arise or to prevent serious problems in your Nodes.

Today i will explain how can manage and monitoring the Failover Clustering that you have build or in case that you have already a Failover Clustering but you don't have in place a Monitoring Tool

So let's start

How to install a Windows Admin Center

Before start the installation of Windows Admin Center you must decide where to install it.

If you don't have try  Windows Admin Center now it's time. You can monitoring all your Servers , Failover Clustering, HYPER-V Hosts, Azure Stack HCI and more.

To proceed first you must read the article Windows Admin Center (Project Honolulu) — Setup Guide to setup the Windows Admin Center.


How to Add Failover Cluster in Windows Admin Center

After finish the installation let's proceed with the following steps to add your Failover Cluster in Windows Admin Center.

  • Open the Windows Admin Center
  • Click Add button


  • Click Add in Server Clusters.


  • Type the name of the Cluster Access Point . Be careful not the name from any of the nodes.


  • Select Use Another account for the connection
  • Type the Domain Admin credentials to give access.
  • Click Connect with account


  • After some time you will see the verification with green check that found the cluster name.
  • Click Add to proceed


  • While opening the Overview Page maybe get an Error .
  • This is something that observe after multiple times remove and add the Cluster.


  • The reason is because you must install the Feature Failover Cluster Module for Windows Powershell.
  • From the left menu click in Roles or any other menu and maybe appear the request to install the Feature.


  • Unless you can go from Powershell as Administrator and type the following command 
    Install-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-Clustering-PowerShell
  • After finish the installation of the Feature you can go from the left menu to find out the different Tools which has the Windows Admin Center for the Failover Cluster in Windows Server 2016
  • The Tools that you have in Windows Admin Center for the Failover Clusters are:
    • Roles
    • Nodes
    • Disks
    • Storage Replica
    • Networks
    • Updates
    • Performance Monitor
    • Azure Monitor
  • Yu can go and see what features has any of the above tools.
  • After add the Failover Cluster you can find in Windows Admin Center and the Nodes of the Failover Cluster as Single Servers which can proceed to manage and monitoring .

If you find interesting Windows Admin Center you can read more articles that i wrote as the

Of course for in depth instruction you can find in Microsoft Docs or you can download the ebook from Altaro How to Get the Most Out of Windows Admin Center by Eric Sorin

Until next article Have a nice weekend !!!

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